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  • 19:44 Fri 6/10/2005
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Elphaba. I saw Wicked last week in NYC with my friends and THAT was an AMAZING musical. XD

So here's Elphaba, with the lyrics from Defying Gravity. Simple...but I like it.

Char©Gregory Maguire

22:58 Fri 6/10/2005
Great pic! Love her expression and the lyrics fit awsomely. My cousin made the costumes for that play.

13:22 Sat 6/11/2005
No kidding? That's awsome! And thanks by the way. ^^

01:57 Sat 6/11/2005
Awsome picture. I'm glad there are other people who like that music! I'm going to see it in Chicogo this summer!

13:22 Sat 6/11/2005
Thanks, yes Wicked was awsome. Prepare yourself for an amazing show. ^^

19:15 Mon 6/13/2005
Miss Manday
OMG, I LOVE this. I love Elphaba, and "Defying Gravity", and this is just great.

21:33 Tue 6/14/2005
Oh wow! Great image! I wish I had the pleasure of attending the musical. :)

16:18 Sun 6/19/2005
Jeebus.. Tak is jealous.. Wicked is my favorite musical :D

and Defying Gravity is the most awesome song from it! *sings* ^^

Have you read the book? its pretty good as well, but nothing can compare to the emotional impact one gets from music, and watching the stage performance. ^^

loverly picture ^^

13:00 Thu 6/23/2005
Mmmmm....Wicked! YOU GOT TO SEE IT?!?! No doubt it was awesome! *starts humming Defying Gravity!*

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