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As lots of you liked Scarabie, here's a recent pic from my LK 0.
*Scar is crying*
Scarabie : Mufasa.... I am SO disapointed of you.
Scarabie : A TRUE KING never attacks someone weaker than him. A TRUE KING tries to protect the weak ones. And Scar is YOUR brother, not a random toy you can hurt !!!
Mufasa : sorry... Mama..

23:12 Fri 2/25/2005
love the created a really effective atmosphere

17:42 Sun 2/27/2005
I worked hard on that one ! Thanks much, Ayame ^_^

23:55 Fri 2/25/2005
lil' lyon
ohh, you're in trouble!! :DD haha, tres bien, tres bien ^^

04:59 Sat 2/26/2005
ooooh ,busted.... Scarabie looks great love her design.. and her eyes are so pretty.. I wonder if Scar remebered his mom's word's when he grew up.

17:43 Sun 2/27/2005
Thank you ! Queen Scarabie was known all over the Kingdom for her beautifull green eyes :)

07:53 Sat 2/26/2005
Such a beautiful and emotional scene. I really like how you transferred Scarabie over to your modern look you have.

17:45 Sun 2/27/2005
Thank you Takashari ! Well, I like Scarabie new design, but it's not exactly what I wanted :d

08:25 Sat 2/26/2005
Audrey Cosmo
ah voui!!!!! j'adore Scarabie!!!
Ce dessin est fantastique et pour une fois ce n'est pas Scar qui est en faute!

17:47 Sun 2/27/2005
:) Dans le RL0, personne n'est vraiment gentil ou méchant.... Mufasa va changer... Et malheureusement, Scar aussi

11:00 Sat 2/26/2005
:o for the first time I feel sorry for lil` Scar =P
hehehe *looks evil* go Muffy!!!

17:48 Sun 2/27/2005
Scarabie : What ???? =^_^=

11:34 Mon 2/28/2005
Yeeeow! simba get yelled at! I love how you did the cave walls.

15:05 Tue 3/1/2005
Thankies Nalana !

05:35 Thu 3/3/2005
Aww, poor Scar... Mufasa looks very penitent, though. Great work.

15:07 Wed 8/3/2005
Ooo, Thank you !

02:12 Fri 3/4/2005
That's powerful! I like Scarabie!

15:44 Sat 3/5/2005
Muffy was such a bad boy as a cub? O_O
*laughs* poor little Scar....
beautiful pic :) *nods*

15:43 Wed 8/3/2005
*snif* so sad...this is drawn so well, though.

18:52 Wed 8/3/2005
Aaaah, thank you *Gives you a cookie to cheer you up :) *

10:15 Thu 8/4/2005
a new aspect! :P coool ;) nice pic

16:47 Fri 8/5/2005
Thankies :)

05:57 Wed 6/21/2006
oh tiens!!! c'est rare que tu dessines avec ton 'nouveau' style des dessins du LK 0, mais c'est bien dommage car ils sont supers!!!!!

17:49 Sun 2/27/2005
Merci Kereska ! Ben le RL0, je l'ai fait il y a tellement longtemps que je n'ai plus vraiment envie de le redessiner :)

00:10 Mon 8/7/2006
Rooble Roo
Wow great pic! Mufasa looks like he is truly sorry....poor little scar...

I love the few drops of blood on mufasas points to that mufasa gave scar his scar. Great job! :D

13:54 Fri 4/6/2007
So Uru(Scarabi, I just stick to the facts) is the oppisite of Ahadi? I wonder if Scarabi(based off how Sarabi is spelled) ever got mad at Ahadi just for not giving much attention to Taka. Also, I think her name should either be Uru, Akase, or just spelled Scarabi so it sounds right. However, why would she name her son Taka but later on Scar if her name was Scarabi? I suggest that you rename her to either Uru or Akase.

02:00 Sun 12/16/2007
Na, this is a picture from MY prequel of the LionKing, and it's very DIFFERENT from the disney's official prequel. Here, Scar has always being named "Scar", and he is named like that because of her mother. Later, cub Mufassa will have the stupid idea of giving him a scar because of THAT name.

16:48 Sun 7/22/2007
aaawwwwww poor scar!great pic!

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