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  • 2005
  • 09:30 Sat 1/1/2005
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  • Kailas
First picture of 2005.
This is Kailas. It took me three hours just to do this. There is still another character and background that will be added but that will come later. For now I must get ready to go to work for the rest of the day.

16:56 Mon 1/3/2005
aww! really good job!!!!! i'm impatient to see the futur background :)

15:10 Mon 1/17/2005
Hopefuly I will be able to find the photoshop file. Becauese I was almost done it when my computer crashed. But yes I can't wait to show it.

06:37 Tue 1/4/2005
He looks really cute! I like the colors of his pawtips, it's very original.

15:11 Mon 1/17/2005
LOL... that that was done by accident. I was zoomed up and I forgot what the front feet were and just thought they were the darker colour and went with it. When I zoomed out I relized but it looked good enough to keep.

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