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  • 17:26 Sat 12/25/2004
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Potiphar could see that Joseph
Was a cut above the average
Made him leader of his household
Maximum promotion

04:55 Sun 12/26/2004
Serge Stiles
Potiphar was cool and sooo fine...
"But my wife would never toe the line."
It's all there in chapter 39 of Genesis...

Sorry, I see your images and they just make me want to continue singing it. XD This is really cool, I love how those guys are randomly smiling in the background like they always are. And Potiphar looks cool, I like how you lion-ized him! I'm not used to Joseph with short hair, but it looks cute. :D

17:46 Sun 12/26/2004
Protv Scar
"Don't believe all that you read, eh!" %))) I continue to sing right now, because of your comments!.. That's so good!! I think, they had to cut and combed Joseph's hair a little like themselves. Potiphar was strange to lionize, but it turned out pretty normal 8) I'm glad, you like him, and guys!.. My friend said, those guys are like Potiphar's children :))

02:44 Mon 12/27/2004
LOL You've got them in their miniskirts and everything! That was truly an awesome musical, and I love your artistic rendition of it.

14:58 Mon 12/27/2004
Protv Scar
Thank you, I'm pleased very much!! Glad you like the musical too, it's great thing indeed

17:55 Thu 12/30/2004
Efi Wild
Oh, the faces of the others are obssesing!!! I can´t stop looking at them!! All these pics a re full of a fine sense of humor!!

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