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  • 00:15 Sat 11/27/2004
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The Way Things Should Have Been:Colored. I'm sure lots of us have noticed that the cub at the end of The Lion King was a boy, and in The Lion King 2, Simba's Pride well, Kiara was the cub, and she's a girl. What happened to that other cub? Well, I'm asuming that the cub died, and that was why Simba was so freakishly overprotective of Kiara. This is a picture with that cub as a Teen.

02:10 Sat 11/27/2004
Iggy Pop
everyone always says "it's obviously a boy!"

but really... how could you tell? :/

06:31 Sat 11/27/2004
the cub in the first movie had dark rings around it's ears and it wasnt as fat as the cub in SP plus kiara was alot lighter :P

10:19 Sat 11/27/2004
i think exactly the same, Zira probably killed the boy cub. nice job!

14:29 Sat 11/27/2004
Ya, I do to, and that's probably why they were exiled. I'm working on a picture called The Way things should have been: Part two, where Kovu, Vitani, and Kiara are playing together.

13:50 Sat 11/27/2004
King Simba
I think the boy cub was Kopa. Nice pic, btw.

16:43 Sat 11/27/2004

16:25 Tue 11/30/2004
Winter Lioness
Many people beleive stuff like this. I do to, only it's a little different.

22:56 Tue 11/30/2004
Thanks! Why not!

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