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One day, my Son, you will be bigger than me...

03:10 Fri 10/22/2004
cool, this looks fantastic, I love how you've coloured it!

13:00 Fri 10/22/2004
The Melancholy
I love the style and coloring. Outstanding!

13:30 Fri 10/22/2004
beautiful work.

17:08 Fri 10/22/2004
Audrey Cosmo
Wouah! ca change vraiment de ton style habituel! J'adoooore!!!! Surtout l'expression du lionceau!! Il est adorable!

18:46 Fri 10/22/2004
Wow! This is great realism,I love this so much! 0.0 The coloring, the texturing in the fur, the proportions, everything! X# So perfect, you did a magnificent job on this!!

22:00 Sun 10/24/2004
lil' lyon
I saw this on DA! Very pretty, and meaningful as well ^^

23:48 Sun 10/24/2004
<font color=blue>Lovely work! =D

17:59 Mon 10/25/2004
This just won my nomination for AoTM.

22:39 Mon 10/25/2004
Woah, this is cool. I'd love to see you do more stuff with these abstractish colors!

17:42 Mon 11/1/2004
Thank you ! But I won't draw much like that, because it's takes me far more time than my usual cartoon's art

20:07 Tue 4/19/2005
Maz 1987

12:08 Sat 12/31/2005
masai mara
awwww! this is so cute.

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