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Every couple of weeks, the Archive holds an art contest here on this page. The winner of the previous contest chooses the theme, sets the length of time, and manages the pictures that other artists create and submit to the contest for judging. Any logged-in user of the Archive can vote on their favorite picture, and the winner sets up the next contest!


I've posted a contest like this once before and people really seemed to like it so how about a round two?

Somehow your character gets transported to the world of TLK. How does the cast react? Are they welcoming or shunning? Is your character seen as a detriment or an asset? What skills do they have to offer the Prideland royal family? Or would they fit in better with the Outlanders? Will they have rivals? Crushes? An arch enemy? Will they impact the ending of the story or change its course completely?

Let shake up the canon!


1. New art only please!
2. Your picture must include at least one canon character
3. Submit as many pictures as you like
Multiple entries: allowed
Entries are: not anonymous
Deadline: Midnight before May 25, 2018
(Contest is over)

May 20, 2018, 3:11 a.m.
Main Folder

#2: 3 votes

The picture above (the one that has effort compared to the one below. :P ) is some kind of hint-ish spoiler to my TLK comic. It pretty sums up which Pridelander Msanii will meet first.

And below, well, have a lazy scribble involving my not-so TLK fursona meeting the Pridelander lions. Yeh.

Hope you like it!

And if you don't know what Simba is talking about, find out here>
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