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Archive-Wide Art Contest

Every couple of weeks, the Archive holds an art contest here on this page. The winner of the previous contest chooses the theme, sets the length of time, and manages the pictures that other artists create and submit to the contest for judging. Any logged-in user of the Archive can vote on their favorite picture, and the winner sets up the next contest!


Aaah, Internet memes... Don't we love 'em? When something is interesting, it becomes popular and spreads through the screens of our technology.

I talk about hilarious pictures with some large, witty words on it, rage comics, viral videos and EVERYTHING ELSE!

The theme of this contest is, put the memes in The Lion King!

Examples: Draw Rafiki showing da wae, A raging Scar and a troll face Simba, etc.

Let your imagination flow, with a reference to a meme!


1. Canon characters only.

2. Appropriate content and language, please.

3. Recycled pictures are allowed, though I'd appreciate to see some fresh new ones.

4. Has to be your own artwork, entirely produced by yourself. No using images on Google.

5. Have fun!
Multiple entries: allowed
Entries are: anonymous
Deadline: Midnight before May 3, 2018
(Contest is over)

April 16, 2018, 12:19 a.m.

#1: 7 votes

So I saw the new sitewide contest and I knew I had to join

I love Steven Crowder and I think it's pretty cool he's become a meme lmao so I whipped up a quick pic of Scar as the "Change My Mind" meme!

Canon art April 1/3
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