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Archive-Wide Art Contest

Every couple of weeks, the Archive holds an art contest here on this page. The winner of the previous contest chooses the theme, sets the length of time, and manages the pictures that other artists create and submit to the contest for judging. Any logged-in user of the Archive can vote on their favorite picture, and the winner sets up the next contest!


Now that we seem to have a viable replacement for Sketcher in the form of Drawpile, perhaps it's time we see what people can create with it!

Post your best creations using the new app—details are in the current Admin Announcement. Post as many entries as you like! There's no theme or concept other than that entries should be done in Drawpile; you might want to try some Fall-themed ideas, or even Halloween, though I think we might want to start a new contest for Halloween once this one is over.

Have fun! I hope Drawpile proves as enjoyable to use as Sketcher has always been!


Pictures must be created primarily in Drawpile.
Multiple entries: not allowed
Entries are: not anonymous
Deadline: Midnight before Oct 14, 2017
(Contest is over)

Sept. 28, 2017, 8:31 a.m.
Main Folder

#1: 3 votes

Have yourself a little Sarabi! Done in Drawpile :)
800 x 600
39.7 KB
3 faves
Sept. 29, 2017, 11:14 a.m.
For Contests

#2: 3 votes

Crappy, smudgy Vitani sketch done in Drawpile for the contest ^^
518 x 574
455.5 KB
7 faves
Oct. 10, 2017, 12:21 a.m.
Main Folder

#3: 2 votes

Well, I figured I would enter the contest for once >.<

Here is a sleepy Simba, done completely on draw pile...

He looks like he might be having a bad dream, hmmm...

I like this one.
1581 x 537
376.2 KB
5 faves
Sept. 24, 2017, 6:09 p.m.
Main Folder

#4: 1 vote

Kion + Fall = <3

Attempted Drawpile for the first time! Also attempted to draw plaid for the first time xD

And still wondering why my sketches always look better than the finished product...
399 x 480
194.9 KB
4 faves
Sept. 29, 2017, 7:32 p.m.
2. The Lion King

#5: 1 vote

Tested out Drawpile.

No color because I have an issue with it.
800 x 600
222.4 KB
6 faves
Oct. 11, 2017, 12:34 a.m.

#6: 1 vote

For the contest!

Taka and Shenzi decided to dress up as little bundles of death for Halloween!

Made in Drawpile!

1946 x 1247
430.1 KB
5 faves
Oct. 10, 2017, 6:43 p.m.
Main Folder

#7: 1 vote

Last minute entry to the contest ^^
Just a random cub
I love Drawpile, took me a while to get used to.
God bless!
900 x 733
1.1 MB
2 faves
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