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Jamili is my version of Sarabi's mother. She's born to the king and queen of another kingdom and gets betrothed to the crown prince of the Pride Lands, Ahadi. But Ahadi falls in love with a rogue lioness named Uru, so his father, King Mohatu, has to break off the betrothal.

Jamili falls in love with Ahadi's cousin, Shaka, but later she learns that Shaka doesn't care about her and has only used her to get cubs. Soon after her first two cubs, Sarabi and Aheri, are born, Jamili meets a helpful, charming lion named Sifa and falls in love with him. She becomes pregnant again and decides to take Sarabi and Aheri and leave Shaka. But before she can start a new family with Sifa, Shaka kills him. Jamili and her cubs (+ Shaka's other mate Hasara and her cubs) move to the Pride Lands, where she eventually gives birth to three new daughters: Naanda, Diku and Dwala.

Jamili's firstborn daughter, Sarabi, gets betrothed to Ahadi's youngest son, Taka. Sarabi, however, falls in love with Ahadi's firstborn son, Mufasa, and Mufasa returns her feelings. Mufasa and Sarabi get married and try to start their own family but have trouble conceiving. The "wanting to have cubs" atmosphere has an effect on Jamili and she decides to have cubs again, since all her cubs are already adults. She gives birth to one daughter, whom she names Fahari. For a while, Fahari is the only cub in the pride and she enjoys being the center of attention. But soon her big sisters Sarabi and Naanda and many other lionesses in the pride give birth to new cubs. Fahari becomes jealous, especially of Sarabi's son, Simba, because he's the future king and therefore the "most important" cub.

After Mufasa's younger brother Taka, now called Scar, murders Mufasa and exiles Simba, he lets the hyenas run rampant in the Pride Lands. Jamili gets attacked by hyenas early on during Scar's reign and she soon succumbs to her injuries and dies. Even though the pride tries to take care of the young Fahari, she still feels she doesn't get enough attention.

Years later, when Simba comes back and takes his place as the rightful king, Fahari's old jealousy raises its ugly head. She's exiled to the Outlands along with Scar's supporters.

Name meaning: "nice"
Parents: unknown
Mates: Shaka, Sifa, and an unnamed secret lover... ;)
Cubs: Sarabi, Aheri, Naanda, Diku, Dwala and Fahari
Grandchildren: Simba, Tatai, Erevu, Mtoto, Ikhala, Impi, Majira, Laini, Kanzi, Remba, Raziya, Moshi, Chakavu, Mila, Jeraha
Step-grandson: Chumvi

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