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Kiume is Uru and Angu's brother. He and his littermates get orphaned at a young age. Uru gets separated from her brothers who assume she has died. Kiume and Angu join their older siblings' pride and grow into strong lions.

As adults, they decide they want to live their lives as carefree travellers like their parents. A lioness named Hasidi joins them and becomes Kiume's mate. A few years later, they have one cub, a daughter they name Uma. Kiume and Hasidi are killed by hyenas when Uma is a young cub, leaving her to be raised by her aunt Hasara and uncle Angu.

Name meaning: "masculinity"/"strength"
Father: Falsafa
Mother: Ubuhle
Siblings: Uru and Angu (+ several unnamed ones)
Mate: Hasidi
Daughter: Uma
Granddaughters: Daima and Damu
Sister-in-law: Hasara
Brother-in-law: Ahadi
Nephews: Mufasa and Taka/Scar
Nieces: Thema and Deni

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