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Riti is Nala's sister.

When Riti was a cub she was shy. She liked playing with Nala and she didn't like conversing with Simba. One day Riti, Nala and Simba went to a waterfall. When Simba and Nala start splashing, Riti ran to the Pride Rock and then Simba laughed at her. Next time, when Simba and Nala went to the elephant graveyard, Riti stayed at home.

In the Scar's reign Riti became a very serious young lioness, but she still was shy. When she was a teenager, she found a new water hole and saved the pride.

Riti always supports Nala, so when Nala became Simba's wife, she told her how not to fear of being queen. Later Riti found a mate and her daughter, Tiifu was born.

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