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Msanii is quite the colorful fellow, both inside and outside. Not only is he a fanmade Lion King character and one of the protagonists for my fanmade Lion King comic ''Hunt or be Hunted'', but he is also my furso-- ahem, I mean, my FEATHERsona. Basically the secondary character representing myself after Sukala, but who focuses more on the universe of The Lion King. His gender is also opposed to mine (He is male and I'm a girl). When there is something to do with The Lion King, Msanii's the guy I express myself with.

For obvious reasons, Msanii's personality is similar to Sukie's, but with some differences. Msanii is the Swahili term for ''Artist'', which fits him for the fact that he loves to paint and make crafty things using sticks, rocks, leaves, grass and even the remainings of deceased animals! Since he has flexible talons, it's easy for him to grab things like a hand grabbing an apple. His talons are so pliable that he can even lift them toward his chest. EVEN MORE CARTOON ANIMAL PHYSICS! Also, he doesn't mind snatching his own feathers off to use them as paintbrushes or decorations for his craft art, because you know what they say; you must suffer to be a great artist.

Msanii tends to have anxiety, so to calm himself down, he finds a tiltable branch, settles on it and bellydances. (An actual video of a lilac breasted roller bellydancing on a branch is what gave me the idea.) Also, he strongly fears the ground due to a trauma from when he was chick, when he fell from his nest and was left alone, in the dark, vulnerable to attacks, until he was rescued by Saidia. He has since been feeling more secure on high platforms, but when it comes to satisfying his hunger, it's an immense challenge for him since it involves having to go toward the ground to get his food. He doesn't mind that much anymore, but when it comes to being stuck on the ground, unable to fly up again, he is petrified.

Msanii has been deeply fascinated by lions ever since he learned about that mythical kingdom named the Pride Lands, ruled by these majestic felines. The idea of a land dominated by sentient animals really caught Msanii's attention since he spent most of his life following a sentient herd of kudus through the wilderness that is fulfilled with dangerous feral animals. A triggering event would kick the young roller toward his dream home...

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