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Danny is basically a devilish character in my stories. He comes from a character in a dream I had when I was younger. While most of my "evil" characters there is some good to him, there is almost none in Danny.

Danny is a liger (LionXTiger). He was born WAY before any of my stories really take place. He is expected to take on sort of a godly role when he is born but pretty much the opposite takes place. Danny kills his younger brother, and later his family. He is driven mostly by power. He loves power over those around him. While as an alive cub he looks a lot more normal looking his more demonic look comes over time. (You can see what he looked like alive as well as learn a bit about him from this page in Moson's comic: )

Aleksander is the one who gives him the scar over his eye, he does not have that till just before his death. In the afterlife, he is able to use his claws to control electricity. Being scratched by him will leave a burning painful scar.

Danny appears in;

Levar's Life - The game:
Levar's Life Story Version:
Nora's Story:
And Moson's Comic:

With another character:

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