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Owner: Timitu


Maria's Character Sheet:

Maria is the youngest daughter to Mercury and Wolfram. Mercury died not long after her and her siblings were born and she was taken in by Zee. She is raised being groomed to be the next Queen alongside Tibu as the king.
Maria is quiet and smart. It does not always show but she is a fantastic hunter. Instead of working just on her pounce she studies her prey and knows each animal well and how to catch just about anything.
Maria is secretly in love with Moson. But is too shy to really say anything before Tibu claims her to be his future mate. Everyone in the pride does not really understand how she can't love Tibu like everyone else does.

Fun Fact: Mercury, my best friend in RL, took her life on April 10th or 11th (sometime between the two days) of 2014. She always wanted to have kids in RL so after her passing I went to the last place I had seen her in person and made up her kids based off two designs she created herself of my/our characters. Maria is her daughter and is also named after her characters daughter she made up for her Star Trek stories she used to write.

Character Connections:

Mercury - Mother
Wolfram - Father
Augustus - Brother
Gersemi - Sister
Merkur - Brother
Moson - Friend/Crush
Leonette - Friend
Sprent - Friend
Tibu - Friend/"Future Mate"
Nondo - Friend
Hakima - Friend
Kaoten - Friend
Zee - Step-Father
Nienda - Step-mother

With another character:

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