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Owner: Timitu


Tibu is Zee's oldest son. He is next in line to be the king. While he often picks on Moson, the two are actually decent friends, especially as they get older. A lot like his father, Tibu is young when he starts growing his mane in well before the other cubs. He looks older than the others but Moson is actually older than him. This kind of brings up his ego a bit that he is the best looking cub. That mixed with the power of being the future king has all the girls turn his way when he walks by.

Character Connections:

Nienda - Mother
Zee - Father
Hakima - Sister
Kaoten - Brother
Augustus - Friend
Gersemi - Friend
Maria - Friend/"Future Mate"
Merkur - Friend
Moson - Friend
Leonette - Friend
Sprent - Friend

With another character:

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