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Sukala is my not-so Lion King fursona. A sentient cinnamon-colored, magenta-eyed cougar (mountain lion, puma, whatever!) that has the capacity to use her paws as hands to draw sometimes. Because CARTOON ANIMAL PHYSICS!

She has the ability to travel different dimensions throughout supposedly nonexistant realities (The Lion King universe, by example). Msanii sometimes have strange dreams involving this mysterious feline.

Her personality is based off mine for obvious reasons. She is intelligent, open-minded, thoughtful, creative, honest and has a crazy and witty sense of humor. She always does her best to keep herself in the warm light of the day and fight off any kind of shadowy demons. She also has a very short temper and can become quickly agressive when into an unpleasant situation. She is a free spirit who never under any circumstance, let anyone harm her or anyone she is close to. Like nearly all big cats (excluding lions of course), Sukala is an indepedant feline who is more comfortable in being alone in her own fictional universe, which is ironic since she is already in countless fictional universes. Sukala can be found behind technology's ultimate screens on the Internet or on white squarish pieces of tree flesh in various landscapes (blank backgrounds included), but her true home is the soul and mortal body of her creator.

Sukala loves trees, both as a source of energy, as a napping spot and as a scratching post for her silver claws. She feeds herself on feral prey (the realistic animals of our real world, the ones who don't talk or act human) and on occassion some junk food (Her favourite are cheeseburgers extra bacon and mushrooms) and delicious palm oil-ess treats such as irresistible ice cream (For Sukie's case, the fact that cats cannot taste sweet things is thrown off a window). The canadian maneless lion loves to chase after amphibians to contemplate and pet them and then leave them unharmed, though it's pretty hard to not hurt them with claws. (What? They're cute.)

Sukala immensely dislikes fishes. Not only because of their taste but... have you seen how these creatures seems to be so insentient? They have a huge lack of expression and they seem to stare into your soul. They never seem alive even if they are. It's just... Uuuhuhuhuuuurgl... *shivers*

I have to mention that Sukala is barren, so she won't have the chance to give birth to tiny speckled fuzzballs. But who knows, a miracle might happen...

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