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Only son of Sarabi's older sister Naanda with the tyrant Scar.

Naanda, upon hearing the distress in the Pridelands, came over to try to be of some assistance to her sister Sarabi and her other pridesisters. However, she came right when Scar was beginning his search for male heirs.Scar tricked Naanda into having Aushi, believing that she was saving Sarafina from the same fate, alas after her deal with Scar was complete Sarabi told Naanda that Sarafina was with Scar's cub.

It was this astonishment, and also fears that Scar would want to kill all the male cubs of the pride, that lead Naanda to lead a band of Lionesses to move to another area with the young cub's of Mufasa's pride to protect them.

This was a sucsess, and the lionesses, including Tama, Malka, Chumvi, Tojo and Thamani made a small pride.

It was here than Naanda had Aushi.

Aushi was always picked on alittle by other cubs of his age, due to his relation to Scar. Yet he was by all means a peaceful and innocent lion cub. Naanda did her best to quell his fears that he was not liked enough by other lions and would forever be prejudiced against for being the son of Scar.

As a consequence, he was most close to Meethu, whom was only a little older than him. The two, being half-brothers, became good friends and to a great extent shared the burden of their father's blood.

Aushi grew into a strong young lion with a high sense of moral. At his heart he held reasoning above violence. As a full grown-adult, he became tasked with the care of both Meethu and Boga's second cub Notti.

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