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Mtindo would be described as a pure lion, he is grateful to all those around him and loves being with others. Upon birth, Mtindo is met with mixed emotions in Simba's pride. But there is great adoration for him-as he is the offspring of two of the pride's most loved figures-Boga and Meethu. It is decided primarily that he should be betrothed to princess Kiara, but strong genetic links draw back this idea. Instead he befriends his cousin and haply spends time with her. He sees his father occasionally when on visits.

On one of these occasions, Meethu proposes that, as Mtindo (Now a young adult) is of not much use in Simba's pride-that they move to Malka, Tojo and Chumvi's. This is taken with mixed emotions again, but the pride soon releases them. Having almost to have been forced into partnership with the lioness Vitani, Mtindo is all to happy to leave quickly.

Before they do however, Simba calls him into the innermost depths of the Pridelands. Here the ever-greiving king asks that Mtindo, once nestled into Malka's pride, must try to establish where his lost son, Kopa, has gotten to. Once he has, the King, for lack of any other option, asks him to infiltrate the pride and get the answers his son deprived him of. Mtindo accepts.

They plan to make a stop in the mountain-lands in order to rest, before continuing on to Malka's pride. However, when they do, they stumble upon Kopa and his slowly growing pride by accident. Mtindo first makes friends with Toa, before the young lion offers to let them come into the pride to take shelter. Mtindo gathers his parents and they head off.

Boga is astounded to see her old friend Kopa again, and excited, gets to know the members of the pride. Meethu is greeted with his own amount of surprise, for isolated from Simba's pride, they did not know of his whereabouts.

They stay in the pride for a few days, and Mtindo's friendship towards Toa grows. Both Toa and his father Kopa can see in him the kind of lion that Wao was, and just how valuable another lion similar to Wao would be in the pride. Mtindo is aware of this, and when the time comes for him and his family to part, Mtindo offers to stay in Kopa's pride.

Once accepted, Mtindo is haunted by a rumor.

Despite everything, Mtindo turns bitter with the job Simba has sent him. He sets up an alliance with Sumbua, Thamani's daughter, who never liked the rest of the pride.

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