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Only living daughter of Wao and Iada. Shima was always put down by her mother and guarded like an unwanted princess by her, after the foreboded death of her first cub, Iada swore that she wouldn't do anything as foolish again. Iada sees her as a runt and is ashamed to have produced such a daughter as Shima. However rearing her once bouncy and enthusiastic daughter in her own weird way produced a lioness that was unstable. She had been told to act a certain way, and was neglected by her other. Shima had been born to a very different personality. Seeking attention and comfort, Shima had latched on, like her mother, to her cousin Tuka. As she grew this obsession turned into a overwhelming crush, with her desperately trying to win him over, however, she herself was unconsciously aware of another who was trying to do the exact same thing to her...

Hofu, Thamani's youngest cub, was falling in love with this young lioness..But tragically some things aren't meant to be.

After the loss of her parents, one day, Shima, blinded with a sense of augmenting procrastination, told Tuka about her feelings for him. To her surprise, he was disgusted. He turned away and tried to get rid of her, explaining in anger why she couldn't feel that way. Shima was so angry herself she takled her cousin, and in fury started to shout at him:

'Why won't you love me? After everything I do?!'

Unknown to her, in a few seconds she had strangled and suffocated her cousin. Tuka was dead, and it was all her fault. Putting her weight off the dead lion, she started to cry, never meaning to commit such a crime. She ran home, crying out and lied to her Uncle about finding Tuka dead.

However, Toa saw through it. And as everyone was settling down for the evening, he had a word with her. Shima, oppressed by the young lion told him that he had killed his beloved brother, sending Toa to almost strike her in fury. He stopped as Hofu showed up.

That night Toa single-handedly exiled the two from the lands they once called home. Hofu saw it at first as an opportunity to start a new life with Shima, but as the days went by and the more he thought about how Shima had killed her cousin, he began to fear that she would kill him too. On a warm summer's night Hofu went to a contaminated water pool, and was never seen again.

Shima was so alone and upset about how nobody had seemingly loved her enough, and not content with living with her cousin's blood upon her paws, she felt as if she had to choose her only option out of it.

Something stopped her that night. It was as if something told her to go back, to face herself, and to face her cousin. Knowing also that she could not survive on her own, Shima makes her way back to the place of her birth. Once there she is met with rage by Toa, but Majani sees that she has gone through many trials, and, being alone in the wilderness, a similar situation as she did. Majani, above everyone, recognizes that Shima is the only link to Iada and Wao. She fights these points to her unwilling son and mate, and they take her back-but Toa is not satisfied.

Toa vows to her that she shall never get his praise, nor any help from him. Shima, knowing just how blessed she is to even be back in the pride, admits to this. But even with her re-acceptance Shima is dysfunctional. She doesn't partake in any of the activities of the pride. She is mocked by Sumbua and Kibali, as they dislike her for taking their brother from them. The older lionesses, apart from Majani and Thamani, too see her as a burden. Sumbua especially dislikes her, glumly calling her a 'male-killer'.

Shima is distressed, and resides inside herself. She doesn't like to talk to anyone, and feels like a monster for the deaths of the prides' males...This almost prevents her from being saved. The new addition to the pride, Mtindo, makes it his duty, upon being told her story, to heal her. He attempts to talk to her, and try to get her to think more positively about herself. Shima sternly refuses his help at first, but then she realises that his father was once thought of the same way judging on his appearance. Shima, for the first time accepts that she has changed-and promises that she won't ever again do anything to hurt the pride.

But Toa is angered by Mtindo's connection with her-as Mtindo is his best friend, he tries to keep Mtindo away from Shima. Mtindo regards this, and on one conversation, tries to get Toa to believe that Shima is not a cold-hearted beast, and that the deaths of the other pride members were an accident-as Shima herself told him. Toa is unimpressed, and challenges his friend to prove it.

Mtindo does do in a weird way. Soon Shima realizes that she is falling into a relationship with the young lion, and Mtindo boldly asks her in secret to become his mate. With her permission, Mtindo tells Toa of their secret engagement, but this only adds to Toa's disgust.

She is finally held in high regard by Toa upon saving him from a deadly snake. Toa, having his life in fact saved by his cousin, sees that she never really meant to kill his brother. He admits that it was time to let go of his hate towards Shima. This goes on as a ripple effect to the other lions, and Shima is finally forgiven.

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