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Ni and Shirika's only offspring.
Half aunts: Sarabi, Sarafina, Diku, Dwala, Naanda

Half cousins: Simba, Nala, Tojo, Thamani, Mtoto, ?

Wao leads a very care-free attitude to live, which is surprising looking at his upbringing. He, his mother Shirika and his father Ni lived on the edge os existence, always looking for a new place to stay. He and his father relied on the strength of Shirika to find food and water for them. Shirika even told her son that he was descended from great lion leaders. But not for a moment did Wao want it otherwise-he wanted to stay with his family, no matter what happened.

His humble father Ni one night was subject to a verbal outburst from Shirika. They argued into the night about a subject-but he couldn't make out what it was. But it was clear that his father had lost-and with it he lost his dignity. The next day Shirika order her son and mate across a great desert.

After days with no water and upset, a sandstorm swept in. It took his father's life who chocked on sand. Wao assumed that this was accidental-but his father no longer had the fighting spirit he once did.

With little consolidation, Shirika resumed the trek, with Wao at her heels. At last they reached a mountainous land the likes of which little Wao had never seen before.

Immediately after Wao was old enough, by Shirika's standards, to make his own way they parted. He would see nothing else of his mother apart from the whispers of foul rumors on the wind.

One night Wao picks up the sent of a pride. He follows it and tracks the lionesses in the hunt. He lingers around undetected until one lioness picks up his own perfume. Wao then meets Iada, and agrees to keep the pride safe whilst their leader was away.

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