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Zote is the father of Nabi's son, Ndoto. He was born in a pride situated in the marshlands, and, as the head lion's son was their prised cub. However, Zote sought not to live up to his title, and ran away as a teen. From here he would go about the relms of Africa, looking for somewhere to place himself. He tells his story to the brids, and as rumors reach the pridelands, Zazu picks up on them. Knowing princess Nabi' despair, Zote is called forth to the pride to become her mate. They instantly connect in a way that is beyond all reckoning, and they cherish each-other greatly. Later, Zote is delighted at the prospect of being a father-though he knows that age will be against him. He is growing weaker, but tries to hide this from Nabi.

But it is not his health on his mind at his son's birth. After several hours his mate has been left exhausted, and soon, she passes away. Zote is heart-broken, but pledges that will all the strength left in his body that he will try to raise their child to the best of his abilities. Age haunts him still, and as he watches his son grow it is with the splinter that he will not be able to see him in adulthood. It is a great loss when Zote himself dies, leaving his only son without a father. Ndoto is later adopted by Nabi's sister, Queen Mvua.

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