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Ndoto is Nabi's only offspring with the male Zote. Soon after his mother had him she died, never to see her new son or mate ever again. Ndoto was quite sickly as a baby-and Zote was very worried about him in case anything happened to him as an infant. Ndoto however pulled through-much to the delight of the fellow pridemembers-and grew into a shy, sweet little Cub. Ndoto has always had a very kind heart and was very sweet.He's probably one of the most adorable yet loyal characters you will ever meet. And of course he takes after his mother with a love to sleep!

After the death of his father, Zote, Ndoto sees just how valuable life is. He becomes a bit withdrawn, however the effects of this are soon reversed with His auntie, Queen Mvua, opting to care for him.

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