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Thamani is Twin sister of Tojo, and daughter of Sarabi's youngest sister Dwala. She was born a plumb and quite fat little lion, and even though she didn't eat that much her chubby-ness stayed through with her till adulthood.

Thamani played with her brother Tojo when she could, and enjoyed being with the other cubs of Mufasa's reign.She had a peaceful life up until Scar took over, and so left the pride lands with her brother and a few other cubs for safety.

After Scars reign she decides not to return to the Pridelands, but to look for something new. She finds this in her cousin. The brother of Mtoto captures her and skilfully they begin a firtatous, at times silly form of courtship. Once this has terminated they part ways.

Now the plump lioness seeks another refuge. She travels far and wide-and finds it in Kopa's pride. (That rhymes XD) At first they are taken back by the excessiveness of her chubbiness-but soon get use to the big bundle of joy. Once her 'brood'-consisting of her son Hofu, and daughters Sumbua and Kibali, are born she spends her time looking after them.

Ironically enough she can't remember what the names of her cubs mean-but they all suit them perfectly. She is very much like a child in some respects, and understands other lions.

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