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Kuchoma, cousin of Zira, mate to Nyekundu/Roy and mother to Jadili. Kuchoma was born, like many, in the mists of Scar's reign. Some suspected his parentage, but her mother ensured the pride sisters that this was not so. Even so, she was picked out by Zira, being her cousin, as a fine new follower to Scar. As she began to grow it was clearly seen that she was living up to her word. When facing exile Kuchoma befriended a fellow 'outsider' Tunga. However she would use this bondage of friendship to prank her when there was nothing else to do. Kuchoma worked hard, and took up role as Nuka, Kovu and Vitani's babysitter from time to time.

Unlike Tunga, she found the idea of escape or ever getting a better life to be fantasy. But Zira was strong, and she moved heavily towards her ideas of thinking.

Kuchoma also acted as a spy for Zira, and one night, she found her best friend Tunga meeting another male. She immediately told Zira and Tunga was brutally punished for her actions, whilst Kuchoma was rewarded.

When the final battle for the pridelands ensued Kuchoma was ready. She was enthusiastic and excited about the prospect of killing her enemies, but once it appeared that the sides had reconciled, she quietly knew that she did not want it so. She went back to Tunga and told her what happened, apologized, then hid herself.

Tunga wanted Kuchoma to come with her-but the red lioness knew that she would not call any other place home, and so Tunga went back to the lands of her birth, whilst one lone lioness sought to become a wandering ghost among the wrecks of the outsiders.

It was here that she dragged a male back to. Nyekundu or 'Roy' as he called himself, was refined and sensible, and Kuchoma liked the male from the very start. He was from a family of high-blood, and in her eyes that made him a good candidate for the father of cubs. Even though he wanted to stay, Kuchoma one night was enraged with a territorial urge to banish the male from her lands. So Nyekundu went back to wandering, whilst Kuchoma waited.

It appeared at first that her efforts had been in vain, the cub she produced was small and weak. But with training she knew that this puny little lioness was to become a vicious one-and hopefully devoted to her. Jadili, as she was called, though, would not take much of it. She boldly argued with her mother when she wanted her to train, and when she was forced to scale the termite mounds that had once laid home to the Outsiders. For this she chose to discipline her daughter. Those who wandered near the area would think that they where the lost wails of Zira's spirit-when it fact they where the screams of Jadili and Kuchoma embedded thorns into her ankles.

But soon her daughter became a problem she could not solve, nor control. As she ventured into her teen years it was apparent that she did not like her mother at all. Kuchoma knew that the young cub would plan an escape. She recognized the same sense of being trapped that had been in her best friend, in her daughter, and let her go.

With the depart of her daughter Kuchoma crumpled with the termite mounds she had once scaled and became the insects loyal companion. Now when you heard the wails from the Outlands, they where those of a regretful mother.

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