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Third and final daughter of Kovu and Kiara.

From birth, Mvua is very much an inquisitive lioness. She enjoys going out into the pridelands, accompanied by her two companions-Ardhi and her friend the Egret, looking for new animals or places.

She is very attached to her older sisters Nabi and Amara, whom-especially the lesser, make it their duty to pass down the information they know onto her. As a consequence Mvua knows a lot more than she should do at a tender age.

She is a young lioness when Nabi dies in childbirth, and soon after Zote's death, and takes it upon herself to raise and care for Ndoto, their son.

She grows older, and as a full-grown lioness concerns develop within the pride for future heirs. Mvua protests that, as she is unwilling to have cubs, Ndoto should be made her heir.

Yet reluctantly she agrees to a betrothal from a prince of Malka and Chumvi's pride-Babu's grandson Jamela.

The two seem to get along well upon a first meeting, but Mvua doesn't feel any romantic feelings towards him. Underlying the partnership, she feels, is a sense of duty-a formal thing that is preventing her from becoming attached to Jamela.

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