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Roy is a bit of a bad boy and his personality often gets him into all kinds of trouble! He tends to try and impress females, yet to little success as they are weary of his bad temperament.

Roy, or Nyekundu 'Red' was born in a pride far away from the pridelands, and since birth was always a trouble-maker. He would always tease others in his pride and play pranks on them. As a result he was always looked down upon by the other pride sisters of his mother.

The truth was that he just wanted to prove he had what it took to survive and that, playing roughly with the other cubs, he was a strong lion. Yet as a cub he did not know exactly what the right way to express this was.

As the years grew on Roy began to fight other cubs-professing he was still 'playing' with them. The pride saw that he posed a potential danger to other cubs due to his strength, and so sent him away.

Roy, despite his mother's wanting, would never return to his pride. Instead he wanders other territories as a rouge.

He spends years doing so until one day he happens upon Kuchoma, a lone lioness in the outlands. Seeing his strength she begs of him to have cubs with her, and Nyekundu, not caring much, is coerced by the lioness into giving her what she wants.

Once their cub is born Kuchoma has no further need of Nyekundu, and brutally forces him out of the Outlands. Roy then continues to wander alone.

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