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Son of Chumvi and Kula, Jamili has always had a good heart. He can sometimes look a little ragged due to his love of fighting-but he's a big soft-ie. He grows up in Chumvi, Malka and Tojo's pride but likes to play near the border with the other cubs in the pride. One day as a cub he meets Iada-princess of the pride lands at the border and the two become friends. He always had liked how bouncy and bubbly she was and would used to meet her near the border when he could. When Iada disappeared with Kopa Jamili felt down for loosing one of his best friends.

Another great loss is that of his father, who disappeared after tensions arose between him and Kula.
However soon this sad setback had another huge impact on his life when he stumbled upon Iada and Wao one day whilst wandering. It hit him hard, and from that point on he was no longer the bubbly long-haired lion his friends knew. He cut and combed his messy hair back to look more like Wao's and other lions, in an attempt to make himself more appealing. But his efforts are in vain, and he goes through many lonely years before dying an old, upset and torn lion.

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