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Tunga was born in the last stages of Scar's menacing reign. After being banished by King Simba, her mother began to turn into a foul lioness. Brainwashed by Zira to belive that Scar was the rightful king, she began to torment her daughter, for thinking that the new king Simba was just. Despite this Tunga still held affection for her mothr. Following her banishment, Tunga's mother threw fits of anger and fought mercilessly against those she had once called friends. Little Tunga couldn't do anything to stop her mother, despite her pleads that Simba was the rightful king.

In the Outlands Tunga made friends with a fellow outsider, a cub named Kuchoma, who got her into trouble often. As Tunga grew her mother's madness enveloped her, and delusion-ed, she jumped off the top of the termite mound, leaving a teenage Tunga defenseless.

Believing that she might die without help Zira told her that she had no choice but to train with the other lionesses to become strong. Though beforehand she was prohibited from doing so as her loyalty to Simba had shown itself.

It worked, but at a price. There had been nobody to confort her since her mother died, apart form nervous attempts made by Kuchoma, but these weren't enough to steady Tunga. She was overcome by grief for her mother and exhausted by training. So she decided to take a risk and walk around the borders of the Pridelands. Here Tunga met an older lion, himself scarred by the tyranny that had gripped the Pridelands. He told her that his name was Chumvi, and that he was a childhood friend of King Simba. They would meet in secret. Tunga's ideas about the King where confirmed in Chumvi's stories, and she felt content that King Simba was a good and just lion. But apart from this there was the desire to be with Chumvi and heal him. As he told her he had recently separated from his once-loved mate Kula and their distort son Jamili. She too felt that the dark days where behind her.

However, when she was going out again, Kuchoma, suspicious, went to follow her. She found out what Tunga was up to, and went back and told Zira immediately. Seeing Kuchoma flee, Tunga raced back to plead with Zira, but she was having none of it-as Zira recognized the lion as one of Simba's loyal lions. She sought out the male, and slashed his leg on the side down to the bone, leaving him crippled.

That night Tunga cried her eyes out on the edge of the Outlands, and begged the great kings, and indeed Simba, to help her.

Soon the day for the great battle approached. Hours before the fight, Tunga realised that she was with Chumvi's cub. She told Kuchoma that she didn't want to fight, but she said that she had to. Tunga, wanting to protect her cub, didn't tell her the real reason. But Kuchoma had already figured it out. She knew that Tunga was with a cub, but she never told Zira. Kuchma helped Tunga to find a hiding spot so that she could wait until the battle was over. When it did finally come to a peaceful end Kuchoma showed the prideland lionesses where Tunga was hiding, and she was brought back into the newly joined pride with open arms. Whilst Kuchoma ran away to escape a life under the King.

Peace restored, Tunga was able to welcome her son Kijubo into a thriving land, and she was overjoyed that Simba and the other lions treated her so nicely. She was eternally grateful to Kuchoma, despite her betraying her, and she thought of her often.

Tunga had never been happier just to see green grass and a beautiful yellow sun surrounding her, and to see her son grow amongst good lions.

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