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Originally created in 2002 as my fursona, he represents one part of me (the other being Adhibu).

About his background:

Takuma's home are the savannahs of the Greenlands, so called as the gras has always been this colour since lions can remember. These lands are located on the far side of the jungle that Simba grew up in. He is quite curiose, sometimes maybe a bit more than is good for him, but as he uses to say: "Curiosity killed the cat, not the lion".

About his look:

I have to admit, I created him close to the design of Simba, with a golden fur and a red mane. The most obviouse recognition feature is a patch of darker, brown fur at his cheeks, similar in shade to the tear stripes of cheetahs. Yet there is still some of the yellow-golden fur between these marks and the light fur on the muzzle and neighter does it reach all the way to the eye. In addition this dark fur is pointier shaped.
His eyes are a bright blue colour and he has four whiskers at each side.

With another character:

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