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Katili is a cross between dragon, and lion. They come in only, male and female gender, sorry guys, no middle gender. They can range between any sizes, a large lioness, to 30 feet high. Usually the taller they are, means they are a) male, or b) adult/elder. Depending on how many dragon genes are in the Katili, they may have wings/spikes, dragon maw or dragon/lion structure. Only dominant Katili(more dragon genes) usually wear jewelery. They have a slight setback. Something happened with the first katili, a genetic blip. They all, or at least a vast majority, get confused with aggression. Going into anger called "The Katili Rage." Consciously, they black out, but their body continues through until the rage is over. They may attack anyone, at any time. Unless they have a strong bond with something (living thing) they can tell the difference and not harm that one thing during they're state of aggression. This is something not easily controlled and happens often/not often depending on the Katili's temper. Females can only give birth to one or two every 10 years, but Katili's average life span is a few hundred years, Dragon genes being stronger in the age area. (more to come soon )

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