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Owner: Timitu


Age/Timeline information:

Leonette is born after the Lion King movies and current TV shows. Her timeline starts after Simba is dead and Kovu and Kiara have cubs of their own.


Born to a mother on the edge of death. Leonette is lucky she survived. She is one of three siblings that did. Leonette does not remember her mother having been taken away before she had her eyes open even. She is growing up being raised by Zee in his pride. (Watch for her in Moson's comic to find out more.)

Leonette takes on a lot of her father's qualities. She is kind of a dark mysterious cub as she gets older. She loves to be by herself though is popular within the group of cubs living with her. She has a quick temper the older she gets. She is not one to mess with.

Character Connections:

Nora - Mother
Levar - Father
Moson - Brother
Sprent - Brother
Zee - Stepfather
Nienda - StepMother
Hakima - Good Friend

With another character:

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