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Zee's Character Sheet:

History: Zee grows up in the pride with Mufasa and Scar. (Mokuba and Zane). When he meets Levar there is an instant dislike for him. Zee close with Mokuba though he does go against his wishes as he gets older leaving the pride to go hang out in a sort of "man club" pride with Kailas and Antony. Zee is the one who kills Levar in the end.

Many MANY years later Zee and Nienda start a pride of their own. Doing much like Ahadi by having cubs come in who can be trained rather than killed. Either to protect their pride or to send out to fend for themselves when they are older. (Probably a dangerous practice in the real world but this is a story. LOL.) Zee takes in Nora, who eventually connects him back with Levar. When Nora dies Zee is left to take in her three cubs. He tries to raise them as his but that does not really go the way he likes.

Personality: Zee as a cub is a lot like his son from the comics. He believes he is the greatest gift that everyone has laid eyes on. But as he gets older he becomes more humble. His many years of experience makes him a very interesting storyteller to the cubs around him and he is very well liked in his pride. Everyone dreams of being like him.

Looks: Zee's body type is a scruffy Simba type look. He has rounder features than sharper ones though is quite strong even in his later years. Zee's look changes a lot in his later years. His eyes become less vibrant, and his mane lightens and has a dual colour, and in later years even a tri colour look to it. If you wish to draw him you should check over his character sheet as it shows all his ages and tells you when those ages happen.

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