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History: *Story Spoilers*

The Story of Nora

Nora is the only cub of both Kell and Jem. She is separated from her family not much after birth in a attack from another pride. She is found by Family Friend, Timitu when he comes in search of his friends after hearing the attack. Nora had a Y shaped scar over her right eye from the attack. Timitu looks after her and beings her to the only family he knows she will be safe still.

Nora is looked after by Mo and his pride. Her new mother being Elliott. Because she is the only one they know of to be Kell and Jem's offspring she is protected by Pierre and Santo. Mo is the king and a good friend of hers. Drayon teaches her the basics of hunting and wrestling as best as he can. Nora also has a strange friend, Levar, the only cub she knows... what she does not know is really a ghost.

In the end Nora is reunited with her family, Kell and Jem who survived the horrible attack and has grown from a young cub into a cub. She also meets her brother and his friend Gelato, who she is told she will one day rule the kingdom with.

Nora still a cub is forced to leave her pride she loved so much when a new evil king takes over the pride. Leaving once again her family and new friends Nora is dropped into a world very different from where she is brought up in. She is no longer a precious little princess, protected because of her bloodline.

The ruler of this Pride is Zee, a mysterious lion who many know nothing about other then they go to him for advice. She is suddenly surrounded by other cubs her own age and introduced to the strange teen lions she will be living with.

Nora tried hard to prover her self to the strange ruler, and one of her friends slips behind her back, and gets her into trouble. Lies are spread to the king about her and she is soon sent to stay with another part of the pride. A lower part of the pride that gets only the scraps of food and a tougher life having to listen to a new lion in command. There is no adult that really has much to look after the pride other then an old adolescent lion who has to make sure everything is perfect.

After being kicked out of her new pride for not hunting with the others because she is too scared Nora runs away with no where else to go she returns home to find not a pretty sight. The new king is more powerful and does not put up a fair fight even for the males of the pride though none of them will step down. Kell's last words to her before he leaves to go see the king, due to some problem he has caused was that she had to stay at her new pride, suck up the pain, and when she was ready she had to return and save them from the ruler, for none of them were going to back down, even if it was death that stood in their door.

Nora is taken away by Zee who had gone out to find her. Nora becomes angry at Zee and runs away from him. It is out near her other home she meets Degz and his "Brother" two outcast lions that live on their own rightly though they are also a part of Nora's pride that have just never really left. They cheer her up and look after her.

Nora now an older cub returns back to her pride once again. She takes her fathers advice and begins to learn everything that Zee has to teach her. She learns how to hunt, how to fight and everything she needs to know. She also finds a new friend in one who is probably the lowest part of the barrel. She keeps secret her liking for him. Nora also faces another new challenge when Holz, Zee's only son becomes a member of the pride. Suddenly Nora has more competition for the one she looks up to and she does not like it. What Nora does not like most of all about this young cub is he seems to know everything much like his father... but he can also almost read her thoughts. And spits out that Nora likes this lion who many of the others avoid.

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Nora is a shy but happy cub. Mo teaches her to be more outgoing and to take on a leader role in her pride. She is very playful though gets along well with the adults of her pride. More then the cubs even as she grows up.


Nora is a outlander cub with golden brown fur. Around her mouth, on her underbelly and toes are a light yellow like colour. Unlike most females the colour from her underbelly only goes to her chest and not up under her chin. Around her eyes, her inner ears and her tail tuff are brown. She has a redish brown paw mark on her left shoulder. (This paw mark has NO claws till she is an adult.) She has a black outlander nose. Across her right eye is a scar, in the shape of a Y. She has brown eyes.

Interesting Fact: Nora is based on me. Nora is much like my white wolf cub Nyree, though really sort of takes over where Nyree left off in events based on my life. Nora faces the same things as I faced at high school as a young cub, and takes on the adventures of my college life as she grows from cub to adult.

Character Connections:

Kell - Father
Jem - Mother
Mo - Father figure/Friend
Timitu - Friend
Koroan - Brother
Gelato - Step-brother
Gee - Friend
Tabatha - Friend
Levar - Mate
Leonetre - Daughter
Sprent - Son
Zee - Idol
Aleksander - Friend

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