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Kailas is about the same age as Scar and Mufasa. He is born about the same time as them only he is born into a group of nomadic lions. He dies a little before Simba is born.


Kailas is brought up with the thoughts he will be the next king of a great land. He is treated as a god. Though when alone Kailas talks to the great kings for council many times. It is not until he meets Danny that he is changed. Almost possessed by the devil lion that Danny is. Kailas attempts to kill Antony, his half-brother when he is told to by Danny. As a cub, he takes on a leadership role in a small group of male cubs pushed out of their pride. Though he is still considered next in line to rule his lands according to his father. Kailas and his group of cubs live with a Hyena pack where he and his brother look after an orphan hyena named Pekee.
Kailas meets Levar and his friend when they are cubs still and invites them into his group of cubs. He becomes good friends with Levar and Levar is ultimately the reason Kailas and his pride are able to survive. Kailas grows up to become an adult but never gets to be king. He is killed before he has the chance. In his afterlife, Kailas vows to protect Leonette from any harm and he takes this vow very seriously. Though he can't go against the wishes of his "master" Danny, he does what he can to help Leonette though the hardship that he knows she will face.


Kailas is very charismatic, loyal and brave. Making him a great leader to his pride. It is perhaps why Danny picked him in the first place to be his first follower. But while these traits make him the perfect one to convince others to follow Danny, they also make it much harder for Danny to keep him. Especially after he grows up. In his later years before he is killed Kailas shows more aggressive signs. This does diminish after his death though returning him back to his original personality.


Kailas has sort of a blue smoke around him if drawn as a ghost.

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