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Levar's Character Sheet:

Age/Timeline information:

Levar was born just a little before Mufasa and Scar were born. He is very close in age with them. Maybe a few days apart from them. Levar dies just before Mufasa becomes king of the pridelands.


Before Levar was born his father is killed while helping to save another pride from destruction. It is unclear what connection his father had with this pride. Levar and his older brother Randin, now in a bad situation leave their pride together to find a new home. They are taken into a new pride where Levar meets Taka (Zane), Mufasa (Mokuba) and Zee. In meeting them Levar scars the face of Zane. This sets him off to a horrible start in the new pride as the king and Mokuba hate him. Zee just tolerates him though the feeling is mutual between the two of them. Levar and Zane are both friends with two female lionesses as well. Zane's cousins Nienda and Nzuri. Levar, Zane, and Zee Join a small group of lions and hyenas run by two cubs, Kailas and Antony. They grow up very close to that group.
Levar's closest friends growing up are Zane, Nzuri, and Kailas.
Levar falls in love with Nzuri.
(As to not spoil the video game or Levar's life story, I will skip some parts.)
Levar is eventually put to death by Zee at the request of Mokuba, the newly appointed king.
After dying his spirit is in sort of a limbo for quite some time before he is able to wake up once again. That is when he meets Danny who offers him the chance to have a solid forum once again if he will give him one thing. His second born cub. Levar finally agrees.
(Again skipping, depending on how you play the game you can come up with the ending you like the most as to how things happen.)

Much later Levar meets Nora, who is the first character who can see and hear him after the ending of the game. She is just a young cub at the time and he is not sure what to make of this. It is unclear if this is part of Danny's plan or just the fact that she is able to see him. Levar discovers he can switch between ghost forum and solid forum, as well as appear as a cub or teen.
While at first it can be argued that Levar uses Nora in hopes to get what he wants though I feel as she grows up with him he starts to actually fall in love with her. He has 4 cubs with her though only 3 survive. (I don't want to spoil too much here too as my next full-length game will probably be Nora's story.)

Levar helps raise Moson, his oldest son, in hopes to get revenge on Danny.


Levar starts out as a happy fun loving cub but life turns him darker as he gets older. He is isolated from most of the pride, and prefers small groups or even to be alone.

Character Connections:

Randin - Older Brother
Taka/Zane - Best Friend
Kailas - Friend
Antony - Friend/Enemy
Sarafina/Nziri - First Love
Mufasa/Mokuba - Enemy
Zee - Enemy
Ahadi - Enemy
Danny - Friend/Enemy
Nora - Second Love
Moson - Son
Leonette - Daughter
Sprent - Son

Levar appears in;

Levar's Life - The game:
Levar's Life Story Version:
Nora's Story:
And Moson's Comic:

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