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MufaSanta Claws Is Here!

It be the time where you get present, spend time with your family and friends and eat chocolate, even if you're a cat and that cats can't taste sweet things.
Scientifically proved.

So the theme of this Archive-Wide contest is already obvious!

Draw Lion King related Christmas pictures. Draw snow in Africa or simply draw the great royal MufaSanta Claws! Or something more of your creativity!

I'd also love to see a full picture with many Canon characters and a magnificent Christmas decorated background!

But draw what you can!

Have fun participating and Merry Christmas!
1. Has to be your own original art. No tracing over images. Referencing is allowed though.

2. Obviously, it has to be a Christmas or winter related picture.

3. Canon characters only, please.

4. You better have been nice, this year. (Just kidding)

5. Have fun and get in warm clothes to not get a cold, even if you're in fact in Africa.

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