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pooky15 is a perfect example of an artist who came to this site at the start of her creative career, full of invention and ambition, and over the course of the past five years has gotten so steadily better and better—incorporating more and more detail and character and artistic flair with each new upload—that her art has become scarcely recognizable as coming from the same person who first joined us back in 2010.

Any new artist just picking up a pencil or a tablet for the first time would do well to take a tour through pooky15's gallery, for inspiration as well as for the art's own merit. Because she certainly deserves accolades for both.
This was the first site I was actually prolific on. I liked the people here, and the sense of community was stronger- something I really needed when I joined at 15. It got me out of situations, at least in my head, going through the communication between artists. Even all the drama helped to entertain when it was definitely needed.

I don't have the words to express how surprised I was when opening Brian's E-mail. Pure shock is closest! I know this is a prestigious post to fill, something I never expected to come my way. i can only say thank you for all who believed in me, helped me excel, and provided an ear when I needed one. you know who you are. *cough* Ran, Roars, Rai, Bex, Tori *cough*

In conclusion , I can only extend my thanks, and encourage everyone to keep up your heads.

Practice helps a lot. Don't be afraid to ask for help. most people here are more than willing. I know Tina, and Masked, and, Rogue helped me a lot. I am available any time if you need me. I respond to email, personal messages, comments, you can find me in Sketcher most days, or, if you prefer text and are in the US, ask for my number. :D

Making ample use of the newly localized Sketcher that continues to be one of the TLKFAA's favorite features and artistic tools, pooky15 has risen to prominence as one of the artists who is able to make some of the most lush, expressive, detailed leonine character drawings the site has ever seen, and all in effortless real time. Witness not just the example pictures to the left and right here (which cover the entire span of her tenure here at the Archive, including her very first upload at top left), but also her dabbling in the use of Sketcher for quick gesture drawings, like her study of Terk the gorilla. These are the kinds of art that really make someone stand out from the crowd: not just polished final pieces, but also the in-progress and unfinished drawings that capture a kind of spontaneity and self-confidence and willingness to open up one's creative process to public view. Not everyone is confident enough to do that. But those who do are the ones who serve as the biggest inspiration and guiding lights to newcomers seeking direction.

(Her animated tutorial on building up a character from action lines and basic shapes is a beautiful piece of instructional art that ought to flick on a light switch in a lot of new artists' minds.)

And you could certainly do worse than adopting pooky15 as your muse. With over 600 pictures to her name since joining, she's mastered a wide variety of styles, media, and subject matter—not just lions, but creatures as varied as hyenas, crocodiles, dikdiks, and anthropomorphic and bipedal characters to boot. She focuses on character construction and anatomy, taking a direct and rather reserved approach to her art—electing not to create vast intricate scenes with landscapes and narratives, she presents much more intimate portraits of individuals or couples, right up close where we can soak in their physical expressiveness, their body language, their balance and emotion. It's clear that she is serious about the degree and the speed with which she's progressing toward her artistic goals, and even though there's a clear jokey undercurrent to a lot of her work, it really comes through that she fully intends all that time and effort to pay off.

The fact that she does her work on Sketcher so often is one of the best things about pooky15's art, though. Many of her most popular pieces, especially more recently, have been Sketcher collaborations between herself and as many as three or four other artists. Whenever one of these impromptu group art jams takes place, every member comes away from it having learned something from the others, whether intentionally or not; the natural ebb and flow of the act of drawing and coloring naturally results in the exchange of tips and compliments and constructive criticism, with the result that every artist's contribution is the best and most cohesive part of the whole that it can be. If you want to learn from pooky15, drop on into Sketcher when she's around—you'll be glad you did!

And we all are glad that she has continued to be such an active member of the site, letting her fans follow her career as she branches out into other subject matter and yet always keeps coming back to the place where she got her start. It's an honor to see TLKFAA be the birthplace of so many great artistic stories, and pooky15's is one of those that tells itself just by looking at it.


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