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It's time to recognize an artist whose work has in a relatively short time raised her profile in our community to a level where just about everyone knows her name. And rightly so: her work is refreshingly vibrant, charmingly personal, and shows a level of carefulness and precision that we rarely see. She continues to dabble in different media, exploring the limits of what is possible for her, and with each new picture she finds that those limits are more and more easily overcome. Let's take a moment to appreciate her work!

What?! Wow! I'm so honoured :D I hardly know what to say...I guess it should be heartfelt. Well here goes! I've been through a roller coaster ride with my Asperger's; the most troubling part being the "mind-blindness" (look it up). Yet when I started my account on TLKFAA; I started to make my own characters (like Sura, Ariabod, and Malkoi) and I've had to learn about diferent thought processes (or "personalities" as normal people call it).Through this "OC Making", I've (not only) had a lot of fun but I've been able to apply it to daily life.

I can understand the people Im close to better and handle socialising better. Also through this TLK obsession; my art has gotten better (although it can be damn annoying when you look at a picture you drew last week and think, "Damn! I've changed my style again! X( " ) Honestly!!! I've gone from simple A4 pencil sketches, to PS, to Vector art, back to PS, then to modelling and inking, back to a nutshell, I've learnt a lot. So yeah...thanks to TLKFAA for being a stepping stone to happiness.

Also shout out to the TLKFAA peeps who make this awesome community! (Special shout out to the TLK comic makers! Love reading your stuff!)
What first caught my attention in reviewing Firehart95's work is her comics. True, her finished and digitally colored work (as can be seen here) is eye-catching and beautiful; but her pencil-drawn comic pages are in a class of their own. With careful yet confident linework and pleasingly balanced shading, her characters inhabit the layout of a page with genuine presence. Firehart95 clearly has a fascination with the comic art form, and it seems clear that she's particularly gifted in it; her ability to work with a variety of camera angles, from close-ups to broader and well-framed two- and three-shots, and to lay out a page for an optimal reading experience, is developing rapidly from an already well-established foundation. Her future in the world of comics seems to be enticingly bright.

Firehart95 has nearly 200 pictures to show off in her gallery—not just comics either, but encompassing the spectrum from quick doodles to fully rendered character portraits and narrative scenes. In a little over three years her work has grown immensely in ambition and quality; but even at the very beginning of her career her at the TLKFAA, it was obvious that she was taking the challenge seriously: she dove right in with studies of paws and other leonine anatomy, as well as experiments in a variety of art styles, from Disney to anime and everything in between, and exploring the possibilities of coloring—both using physical media and taking advantage of digital tools such as Photoshop. Firehart95 spent more or less her first year here at the Archive finding her artistic feet, as it were. And by the middle of 2012, she had created a unique style and personalized approach that is unmistakably her own.

It's since that time that she has been able to use her art as a conduit for expression of her own thoughts and feelings. As with any skill, there comes a time during your novice phase when a supreme effort is barely enough to achieve an adequate result; it's exhausting and it requires one hundred percent of your attention. But with time and practice, inevitably you reach a point where creating art is second nature, where you don't have to think about it so hard, where it flows to your fingertips naturally. This is where Firehart95 found herself, just when she needed her art the most. And it was there waiting for her, ready to be used as a powerful tool.

As Firehart95 has continued to explore her artistic boundaries, both on this site and on others such as DeviantArt, she has settled comfortably into a groove in which she has been able to produce some truly remarkable stuff. Some of the samples to the left and right are ample demonstration of this; but her gallery has a lot more to offer. She's worked really hard to reach the point where her art has earned her the recognition and respect of her peers; and now it's not the end of her artistic journey, but a milestone along the way to what is sure to be a rewarding future!

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