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In less than three short years, *Ari* has progressed by leaps and bounds in her artistic development, rapidly distinguishing herself as someone with some serious potential. Her fans recognize it too—her friends and collaborators have seen how far she's come in recent months and the irresistible, cute style she's developed, and have responded with the votes to make her this month's Featured Artist. Let's take a look through the gallery of one of the Archive's up-and-coming stars!
Ok, Speak up! Which onez of you voted for someone like me? >:I C'mon, spill it! You know I don't deserve AOTM!

No, just kidding ;) I don't deserve it, but you've made me so happy I just... Thank you all so much 0_0 What can I say? This has really made my day, and I thank you all for the votes! :D I do not deserve AOTM, but you have no idea how long I've wanted it ^o^(Selfish wish XD). So just thanks so much! 8O You've made my sona a very happy weasel :3

When I first joined TLK-FAA(My user name was Weazil back then), I was looking for a place to upload my TLK pictures. I'd wanted to show people my awesome TLK 4 ideas and so on! XD You see it was my dream to one-day help Disney make TLK 4 XD And it still kinda is... ^^ But anyway, I found a contest section of TLK-FAA, and decided to join :) My early days on here(And even some of my more recent days, such as 2012 o.o) have shown me to have been im-mature and sometimes a brat XD I'm so glad I'm not really like that anymore. But after being on TLK-FAA for like almost three(Maybe four, not quite sure) years now, I've improved my art skills so much, and I've gained a lot of great friends to :) Richie and AmberJF, Jinks48, Kari, Katterson, Marigold and my fans and anyone who has ever made a gift for me or who has left a kind comment! ^o^

I've always loved drawing. Ever since I was a kid I'd draw. My early TLK pictures were done in MS Paint, and I was very proud of them ^o^ But I switched to doing vector art later on, which is what I still use to a large extant in my art. One of my main traits as an artist seems to be that I improve all the time. I'm never happy with my style, and I always try to improve it every time I draw a new picture that I hope will turn out good. And critique really helps my art to! <: After Blazing Black Mage(TY for the crit, BBM!) started critiquing some of my art, I really started thinking about lighting and stuff like that X) Now every time I look at something with light reflecting on it I try to think how I'd paint that :o But I'm always willing to improve my art, and some artists such asfan Kohu, Shimi, Maquenda, and so many awesome TLK artists on DA have inspired me to improve even more, and while studying their art, I have learned a lot which has helped my own art :)

I'm also teaching myself to animate in 2D ^.^ I know guys, I have animation requests I have to do for you, but I'm STILL working on them, don't worry. I've got several projects(TLK Movie ideas of mine, and a cartoon series about kittens. Not sure if they'll all ever get made XD) I'm planning to animate. I guess I want 2D animation to be my career ^^ I know it's dying out but I want to bring it back to life :)

Also never think that because you're not the world's greatest artist that you won't ever be. I was a TERRIBLE artist when I first joined, and now look at me! >:D The world's greatest artist XD Haha, JK again X) And don't stop drawing because you might not get a lot of comments on your work, or you don't think anyone likes your art. I could have done this(In fact I've wanted to before XD). It really hurts when you work very hard and nobody seems to care, but think about this: Are you drawing cause you love drawing, or are you doing it so people will kiss your b***?

So now I just want to thank you all again :D I thank all my friends, my fans, Brian for starting TLK-FAA, all the people who upload simpley beautiful art that inspires me so much, and my little cat, Amber, for being the greatest pet in da wah-orld! ^.^
With a crisp, precise style and rich, smooth coloring, *Ari* is able to bring a vibrant energy to the subjects of her art: usually single-character portraits, but also—as often as not—involved, multi-character scenes. That same energy is always present even when she experiments in any of the variety of execution styles she's toyed with over the course of her career and continues to do so to this day, even those illustrations of sequential stories that deliberately use a grainier, grittier texture than the smooth and luscious presentation she usually delivers.

It's that versatility that really makes *Ari* stand out from the crowd. She's got a groove in which she's really comfortable, clearly; but she doesn't hang out there when she can be trying something new and challenging. Whether it's a roughed-out doodle with friends in Sketcher, or an in-depth character sheet or a comprehensive tutorial on her digital drawing and coloring techniques, she throws herself into each new pursuit with abandon. She acknowledges readily that she's still learning how to do all this stuff, just like every artist here is. Yet there's really no need for disclaimers; the pieces she puts together are a joy to look at, whether artistic or textual or informative in nature. Whereas some artists might be discouraged by their novice status with some new piece of software or some new artistic technique, *Ari* doesn't let that get in her way—if she's got an idea she wants to get out there, then it's going to happen.

The pieces at left and right here showcase her signature style very well, the cute and appealing cartoony portrait approach that she's honed most keenly in recent months. They're all fine examples of what she can accomplish in that style when she's at her most comfortable. But it's those experimental works, found throughout her nicely organized gallery everywhere but in the "Canon" folder, that are the most interesting from a standpoint of seeing where *Ari* is headed in her artistic career. This is where you discover her tutorials, her rough sketches, her character sheets, and a great deal more. It's perhaps the tutorials that are the best example of an area where her unique expertise has really come to shine. It's not everyone who can make precision pixel art these days, and someone like her who can demonstrate a good way to master it is really doing the artistic world a great service.

But ultimately, for me at least, I'll always find myself coming back to the canon art and the polished, juicy gloss of the great majority of her pictures, the ones that have won over so many of her fans. When applied to canon character and situations, *Ari*'s personal style creates an excellent fit with the subject matter and brings it to life in a new way that hasn't quite been captured before. It's simultaneously more filled with notebook-cover vibrancy and big-eyed wonder than the original art of the movie, and also more stark and unflinching and even violent at times. It's a fascinating dichotomy, an ability that *Ari* has to jump effortlessly between the two extremes, sometimes even within the same picture.

To the fans of *Ari*, none of this is news; they've known about her abilities for a long time. But for those who have never yet stumbled across her gallery, it's certainly worth the time to give it a browse. *Ari* has exceptional raw talent and can bring it to bear in striking and effective ways already, and she's only just now getting started!


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