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It's barely been a year since TSWGrey joined the Archive, but that's been plenty of time for her to make a splash. Right from the beginning her art has had an energy and a confidence to it that any viewer can tell is the mark of an artist who's destined for greatness. And in the intervening months, her friendly nature and winning attitude have earned her a great many fans whose votes have spoken rousingly for her to be our honoree this month!
Wow. O.O I really can't believe that I have been chosen for this great honor. You guys have no idea how much this means to me! When I saw the e-mail in my inbox I had to just sit there for a moment and register that this was seriously happening! XD

Getting AotM has been a dream of mine from the moment I registered, but I had no clue I would get it so soon... when I think about the artists who have posted for years and years before achieving AotM and know that I have been here for just barely over a year... it just blows me away, I can't thank you all enough for your votes!

I want to just take a moment and thank some of my closest friends and supporters here, including -Lotus-, Njeri, Tabansi-1982, Willow_Fengs, Aslana, Kuna_&TheHero;, Coffee, Marigold, AmberJF, Richie, and SO many more! You guys mean the world to me!

I have always been a perfectionist, so part of me wants to go, "I'm not ready for AotM yet!". I run hot and cold on what I think of my art sometimes, especially when I'm having an art block! XD But I always tell myself: just put the pencil/tablet pen down and try again later! One of the hardest things you can do to yourself is to look at someone else's art and go, "I wish my art looked like that!" - I know that I do it ALL the time! But it's downright unfair to do that to yourself - the artist you look up to has her qualities, true - but so do you!! Your art may not be where you want it to be yet, but as long as it is truly your own, that's all that really matters. Your art is beautiful! You can hear lots of other people tell you that, but unless YOU believe it, you'll never respect yourself as an artist - and I think that is very important.

So, thank you all again! I can be a total rambler (as I'm sure quite a few of you know by now LOL XD), so I'll cut it here. Thank you!! *hugs the whole archive*

~Gray <3
Right since she first joined here, TSWGrey has been attracting attention for her appealing character designs and winningly expressive style. But the secret to her popularity might have as much to do with her warm personality, her positive attitude, and her inspirational approach to her own art. It's probably no accident that her "Art For Others" folder is such a big part of her gallery.

It's always refreshing to see an artist enjoying the experience of learning to draw and create the way TSWGrey has. Many artists mae the tragic mistake of thinking of art as the unlocking of a treasure chest, or some kind of secret code that you just have to crack. But some, generally the most successful ones, know that it's a long and often painful—but often highly rewarding—journey of self-discovery that never really has an end. You just keep learning more and more, and in so doing you learn how much more there is to learn. The really great artists are the ones who find that discovery inspiring rather than daunting.

Even just a casual glance through her gallery should be enough to show that TSWGrey is definitely one of those. Each of her pictures has an unmistakable sense of fun about it—a crispness of line and color and a gladness of body language and attitude that seem to carry over from the artist's own mood. She uses a variety of media to accomplish her goals, from physical pencils on paper (which she then scans) to digital input using SAI and Photoshop; and her willingness to trade off between them, and to experiment with artistic styles in order to find an agreeable balance between cartoony exaggeration and Disney-style expressive realism, all speaks of an undimmed enthusiasm for the craft. TSWGrey is just learning, and she knows it—but we can see already from the quality of her work that she's got what it takes to push herself to ever greater levels and achievements.

What's more, her point about having self-respect as an artist and refusing to hold oneself to an arbitrary external standard is right on the mark. It's because, despite her prolific work creating art for others, she's ultimately working for herself and her future as an independent artist that she's so successful. She believes in her own work, and it's from that that the energy and joy inherent in her art flows.

Congratulations to TSWGrey!

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