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Timba Twotail

Some of our Featured Artists come from the ranks of those who have only recently joined the Archive; some are artists who have been with us for a good long while. But few that earn the votes of their peers for our monthly spotlight have anything like the seniority that Timba Twotail does—an artist who is a "fixture" of the TLKFAA like almost nobody else is. With 13 years of experience and an always engaged presence, he's someone who just about everyone knows, and it's about time we gave him the recognition he deserves.
I certainly did not expect this to ever happen and definitely not in the month of my 13th anniversary at tlkfaa.

My first encounter with the archive was way back in late 1999, marveling at the fact that so many people shared the same fondness of the movies I liked. It inspired me to begin drawing, since I could see all the art others could create. In March 2000 I finally joined and uploaded my first image, a crude drawing scanned by a black-and-white scanner and hastily colored in Paint. I was so proud of it.

Then I compared it to all the other incredibly talented artists that were present back then. Suddenly I wasn't as proud anymore, but thanks to the friendliness of the other people (and my own stubbornness) I remained and kept drawing because it was, and still is, fun.

Since I've remained active ever since I joined, I've seen just about most of the changes this site has gone through. Of all the changes from small alterations to complete redesigns, the Sketcher has to be the most important change. It allowed us to draw together, watch how other people draw and, in turn, improve our own skills.

Closing words?
If you ever doubt in your own talents because you think everyone is way better than you, just compare my first images with my most recent ones. Some has to work harder than others, but improvement is possible by not giving up.

Most importantly, I wouldn't still be here if it weren't for all the wonderful friends I've gained trough the years. It has meant a lot to me and actually getting to meet some of you at various meet-ups has been plenty of fun. I'd like to thank everyone by name, but then I would be going on forever. You all know who you are! You are awesome!

Team Le Rawr pour l'éternité!
The site itself has changed during the 13 years of Timba Twotail's tenure here almost as much as his own art has. When he joined, the Archive was little more than a few hacked-together Perl scripts serving a few dozen artists, with their uploads being displayed in a mere subsection of the Image Archive on itself. It's hard to believe how far we've come, even acknowledging that the Archive's current design dates back to 2006 (and is still owed a major refresh and modernization as soon as circumstances allow it).

Timba Twotail's artistic evolution is no less remarkable. From his very first simple, unassuming upload (visible at bottom right) to his most recent pieces with their rich coloring and evocative character-driven emoting, he's brought himself along on a journey of artistic development that anyone might envy.

His work is a showpiece for perseverance. If nothing else ever has, Timba Twotail's art should illustrate how much it pays off to stick with your passion and keep pushing yourself to improve, even if it takes years and years to develop your skills to where you want them to be. His development has been slow, but steady, as a tour through his more than 1,000 pieces will attest. Those many pages of steady progress, from pencil sketches and watercolors to his more recent exploration of digital drawing and coloring, tell a story of an artist who is making that journey for its own rewards—not the promise of a quick payoff, but the patient knowledge that years of determination and self-discipline will get you where you want to go.

A dedicated member of this community and a tireless admin of Sketcher, Timba Twotail is a name that many artists on this site know; but perhaps not many really realize how long he's been a part of the site or the degree to which he's helped shape it just by lending his time and energy for love of the Lion King fan-art community. Fortunately, enough of the site's members recognize those contributions enough to warrant this well-deserved accolade. So congratulations, Timba Twotail—the place wouldn't be the same without you!

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