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Our honoree this month is an up-and-comer who is pretty clearly at the beginning of what's bound to be a long and fruitful artistic career. Her art (by her own admission) is not as flashy or as polished as some of the material we've featured here on the front page; but that doesn't mean that it won't someday be the subject of a retrospective look at how one of the most beloved and prolific artists in the Lion King fandom got her start.
I'm quite astonished that I was voted for AOTM. I can think of so many others who deserve it more: Willow_Fengs, AsliusFrost, Njeri, *Ari*, Shebu, Oha, AUBZ, and so many more! But I want to thank all my fans, and, anyone else, who voted for me. I really don't deserve it. There are huge mistakes in my anatomy, I have no sense of proportion, and I have no light source. However, it has always been my dream to fix those errors and one day proclaim myself an "artist." I went back, though, and looked at some of the most memorable and cherished artist who first received AOTM. They have improved vastly since they received it. I noticed that some of them had mistakes too and needed a lot of work before they got where they are today. So I feel I am in good company. I want to thank all my fans, critics, and fellow artists for helping me improve somewhat. I think I'm somewhat better off than I was a few months ago.

For those of you who don't know it has always been my dream to write and illustrate children's books. I don't want to make it a career, but I would like to do it on the side. I think my most recent works are more illustrated based. I'm starting to branch out. Not only do I draw lions, but now I draw other animals, humans, and backgrounds. Someday I hope to write novels as well and litter them with my illustrations. I can only hope that I will someday be able to draw like Oha, CatHicks, Dille, and the other wonderful artists I have seen. I started the "Painting Poetry" project to incorporate my love for writing and art. It was my first leap towards illustrated images. But don't be mistaken, I too am a long member of TLKFAA. I have been here for about five years, in that time I have never been that concerned about getting AOTM, all I have ever wanted was to improve. But now all of you have made me especially happy and astonished.

I'd also like to add that I always try to be original. I stress originality because I learned the hard way. Before joining TLKFAA I used to reference off real photos, other artists, and random drawings. I think this lack of creativity hurt my artist skills. I got to the point where I couldn't draw anything without a little reference. One day I decided to start drawing on my own. Soon I started to believe that I could improve. I won't lie, I get depressed when I see amazing fourteen year old artist. I feel like my art will never improve. But I know someday it will. All I can offer beginning artist is to be creative, original, and never give up your drawing no matter what other people say. Style is so important and someday I want a style that everyone will recognize as mine. I think that style is very important in an artists works. Your style reveals your personality.

I would like to give one more thank-you to God (he gave me my talent), the administrator Brian Tiemann, all my 80 fans, and the artists at TLKFAA. I would also like to give a huge thank-you to my Mom who taught me how to draw and encouraged me in my talent.

Thank-you and God bless!


GoingGoingGone is by no means a newcomer to the TLKFAA; she's been here since 2006. In that time she's not rested on her laurels, but rather has put an awful lot of effort into honing her art skills toward a long-held personal dream of being able to work as a professional illustrator.

For some artists, this kind of goal comes naturally; many have built up their repertoires to such a level that they barely have to think in order to produce breathtaking pieces of art. But GoingGoingGone fights for every success. You can see it in the careful linework and the methodical coloring, which—while expressive, as all properly good art is—speaks of an artist who is still building up her confidence and muscle memory and her relationship with her chosen media. She works hard to bring her art to life, and she knows as well as anyone that she's not always successful.

But she's definitely inventive, imaginative, and ambitious. A look through GoingGoingGone's gallery reveals an artist who's not content to sit still or to declare her work finished. She pushes herself with every new piece, seeking to improve her understanding of human and animal anatomy each time, as well as to accomplish a fresh piece of art with illustrative significance, whether it's a scene from the Lion King movies or a hypothetical scene placing lions or anthropomorphic African animals into human settings. She's always got an eye toward her goal of illustrating professionally, and it's a rare piece that she undertakes without some contextual knowledge that it's bringing her ever closer to that achievement.

Stylistically, GoingGoingGone borrows from many of the techniques of her idols on and off this site; we can see her influences clearly in the anatomical details on her leonine figures, with their fluffy ears and their tactile paws. This is a clear result of her stated tendency to learn by absorbing the details of the work she admires, whether it's from the movies or from other artists. But she's not merely copying, nor is she piggybacking upon others' work in order to further her own skills cheaply. She's making everything she absorbs into a new piece of executable information, something she can rely on within her own mind and hand, not merely something to duplicate from someone else's art. That's the difference between a driven artist who wants to become as good as she possibly can, and one who just wants recognition without any of the hard work. GoingGoingGone has hard work written all over her.

It's for that reason as much as any other that she deserves this month's spotlight. Congratulations!

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