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She's been with us at the TLKFAA for nearly a decade, and in that time she's produced hundreds of pictures—the earliest ones barely more than pencil doodles, and the latest ones some of the richest, most expressive, emotionally charged pieces of art on the site. It's high time we recognize anelalani for her years of contributions to this site, and for her ambitious and extraordinarily successful track record of achievement in her art.
Wow, thank you to everyone who voted for me. I've always had such supportive friends on this site, some I've come to know real well and many of them have become great inspiration for my work and many becoming AotM themselves. It's been awesome watching them all improve and eventually receive that honor, but I never expected to achieve this award myself. So to everyone that's supported me throughout the years, my heartfelt thanks goes to you.

I can't say I started drawing ever since I was little. I didn't. But I think it was the ability to make all my crazy imaginative stories and characters into something visual that really drew me in (pun intended, hah...). As you can see from the lack of canon art in my gallery, a majority of my work is subjected around my characters and artwork for others. Forgive me for uploading non-canon art to a fanart site haha. I just always thought I was much better at drawing my own characters and portraying their personalities better than I ever could for canon characters. I just understood them much better. Doing art for others has always been one of my favorites thing to do. I've always had fun drawing different characters, and it delights me to no end when I'm able to see how much the receiver enjoyed my interpretation of their character.

I don't really have any inspiring comments or great advice on art. I think a lot of it was covered by the many talented artists before me. What I can say is that I hope everyone can find the wonderful friends and great inspiration from other artists on this site like I have. Life is much better with support and friendship. In that sense, everyone should also try to be the greatest inspiration and friend they can be. You'll never know who's looking up you to and who's life you touch with just a few words or a kind gesture.

Thanks everyone!
To look back at her earliest work, in 2003 and 2004, you'd probably never guess at the heights to which anelalani's art would eventually reach. Her character portraits back then were by no means spectacular—they were rough, untutored, and spoke of an artist who was figuring things out as she went along. They were clearly the work of a beginner.

But that's the key: when you're a beginner, you're at the start of a long and rewarding journey, one where you'll be able to look back after ten years and see with pride just how far you've come. anelalani exemplifies this kind of achievement extraordinarily well, both in her 700+ pictures here on the TLKFAA and on her equally well-stocked DeviantArt site. Because her latest pictures, her present-day body of work, is absolutely tremendous.

Only a very well-honed eye might have been able to predict how far anelalani would eventually come with her art, looking only at her earliest stuff. But someone with that kind of discerning taste would have recognized a natural talent for capturing realistic action, stirring emotions, expressive body language, and (perhaps most distinctively) charming and believable multi-character interactions. When anelalani draws two characters in a situation where their reactions to each other derives from their physical contact and placement (as can be seen in several of the featured pictures here), the end result is always something superbly convincing and "real"-feeling. Many artists are able to portray a lone character posing in a plausible, evocative way. But far fewer, even among the best artists in the community, are able to navigate the additional levels of complexity that are introduced when physical interactions between characters are brought into the mix. anelalani does it with seeming ease, and she does it frequently.

Her recent work is all digital, using all the modern tools that today's cutting-edge artists have at their disposal—tablet, Photoshop, and the imagination to let those tools extend her reach into every angle of artistic possibility. She's clearly able to use traditional drawing tools such as pencils and paper; but her digital sketch style is so rich, so smooth, and so attractive that it's small wonder she hardly ever uses anything else. She may tend to concentrate on her own original characters for her subject matter; but that's a small thing in the grand scheme, and a perfectly valid choice for any artist: to draw what she thinks is interesting, what she thinks she can bring to life with uniqueness and energy born from true inspiration.

Congratulations to anelalani, October's Featured Artist!

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