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With a presence primarily at DeviantArt, Kohu is an artist who has only been with us here at the TLKFAA for a brief time—but by no means does that mean her art isn't accomplished. Quite the contrary: it's some of the most beautiful, richest, and most source-accurate Lion King art that I've ever seen. There's hardly a single piece in her gallery that isn't simply wonderful to look at, and for that she gets this month's spotlight.
Wow, thanks so much for the support, guys! I ... geez, I really don't know what to say. :)

I've always been fascinated by The Lion King ... as both an incredible piece of animation and as a story. The original Disney animators did such an astounding job of putting together the wonderful characters on screen, against the magnificent backdrop of Africa. As a child, it left a considerable impression on me, as it clearly did (and still does) to a lot of youngsters! Now, years later, I can revisit that story and I marvel at the difference in how I view it and the characters. My favorites may have changed, but my love for the movie certainly hasn't. In the last year or so, I've become fascinated with graphic novels and comics, and so I've tried to mingle those two passions into starting my own. I've always wished the TLK story could continue, and that's the wonderful thing about being a fan ... you can make up your own story. Plus, there are some awesome comics on here and DA that I've really enjoyed following, and the community here is so kind. Thanks to Brian who keeps the site up and running, and everyone else out there who've made me feel at home here!

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, all, and keep drawing! :)
Kohu is clearly not a newcomer to the world of Lion King fan-art; her current identity dates back only a few months, both here and on DeviantArt, but her level of skill simply defies belief. She has mastered such a polished technique and cultivated such a natural understanding of the principles of Disney-style animation art that a great many of her pieces are easily the equal of anything produced by the movie's official art team. Not the often mediocre promotional art team, either—the in-house animators, the ones whose pencils turn simple lines into magic on the page.

As can be seen in the examples here, every piece by Kohu accomplishes the transcendent aims that the canon artists themselves strive for: expressive faces, balanced and natural physical poses, and smoothly executed linework and coloring that looks undeniably professional. This kind of skill takes years to develop, and she's been busy for a long time making it happen.

However long this profound depth of accomplishment has taken, it stands Kohu in good stead in the production of her marquee project, The Lion King III: Inheritance. This piece of ongoing sequential art, which is centered on a hyena descendant of Shenzi in the aftermath of Simba's Pride, is the genesis of most of the art seen here and in Kohu's gallery, and as a consequence it benefits from all the rich and luscious concept art that the artist has presented by way of developing the character designs and bringing them to vivid life before even inserting them into the story proper. Many artists in her position would have jumped straight ahead into the production of the comic itself; but Kohu knows to take her time turning the characters from vague mental concepts into real, textured personalities whose motivations and relationships suggest themselves immediately to each piece of the narrative. The fact that she's sharing this development work with her fans means that we all get to follow along and appreciate all this supporting material in real time, building our rapport with the characters right along with her. It's a brave and avant-garde approach, in many ways, to a traditional and well-understood art form, and it's a fascinating manifestation of what many call the "remix culture" that today inspires creative and talented artists to re-cultivate existing properties into new and beautiful forms.

Except, of course, that Kohu isn't "remixing" anything except for the Lion King universe itself. All the art and all the originality of the new story are hers alone. What she's presented, here and in her DeviantArt gallery, is a smorgasbord of wonderfully realized, completed works of masterful digital art, each one created with a confidence and an affection for the source material that is obvious to anyone casually perusing it. Kohu is clearly one of the most accomplished artists the Lion King fandom has seen in recent years, and as motivated as she seems to be toward completing her definitive work, she's bound to become one of the best-known ones as well.


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