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In just over a year, cobu96 has gone from being a brand-new user of the TLKFAA to a hugely popular artist with a serious fan following—enough to earn her the spotlight this month of our Featured Artist. With some 350 pictures uploaded, encompassing a tremendous amount of development and improvement as an artist, she's definitely shown her work to be worth the attention. Let's take a look at what this unique artist has to show.
*le gasp* 8O
............what?!?! are you serious 8O omg!!! *faints*
lolz, i cant belive it....I........I dont know what to say, im soooo happy!!!!! *jumps around* xD
if it wasnt for Kovufan28 and NinjaBlackTiger I would have never known that i was AOTM xD
wow, this is amazing,im speechless.

When i first found this site i wasnt drawing, no traditionaly no digitaly, just 0 drawings.
But then i started to look more around this site, looking throw all this amazing art, things that i have never seen before, so i decided to give it a try.
I made an account, and bought my self a tablet, and my new passion began.

Since that day, so many things have happened, i have meet so many people of awesomenes, and i have learned so much from them.
I have made really good friends here, friends that are better that the ones i used to have, friends of epicnes x3
I have also had the chanse to see so many amazing artist draw in sketcher, and even talked to them, lolz i still remember the first time i got in Skether, Rouge-Liger was there, and i was so nervous and amazed xD

I owe everything to this site,and to my fans, without them i wouldnt be writing this xD
i love my fans sooo much <3

Im not good at giving speeches xP
but to sumarize, I want to thank everyone that has supported me from the very begining, and until now.
There wouldnt bee a Cobu96 if it wasnt for you guys, thank you <3
Almost from the start, cobu96 has exhibited an almost uncanny knack for expressive, cartoonish faces on her feline characters. This is a characteristic that we can easily trace back to her earliest work that's been shared on this site.

Yet in those same early pieces, we see that it took some three or four months before cobu96 really was able to "click" with the style that would make her a fixture here in the TLKFAA community. Until that point, her work was rough, sketched on lined paper or doodled in MS Paint. But there was a moment when she discovered the Sketcher board here on the Archive, and almost overnight (it seemed), her skills began to skyrocket.

It's inspiring to watch the trajectory her art has followed since then. The collaborative nature of Sketcher fosters spontaneous artistic humor (which cobu96 expertly weaves into her playfully exaggerated facial expressions and reaction shots, as we can see in the surrounding showcase pictures); while, at the same time, being able to work digitally, with a tablet, gives her the ability to quickly make corrections and to take a drawing immediately into a new direction based on instant feedback.

It seems that this environment has been particularly kind to cobu96, looking at the stunning pieces of art she's pulled off lately. The bulk of what she draws can be described as Original Characters rather than canon-centric material, but this doesn't make them any less appealing or require any level of familiarity among the audience. Something about her characters' expressiveness renders them accessible to anyone who glances at her character designs and is able to recognize the richness of her characters' construction. From beautifully textured, somberly lit scenes of emotional trauma to lighthearted character studies and reference art, cobu96's compositions speak for themselves. The faces are wonderfully and immediately readable, sporting a broad and unique kind of facial construction that cobu96 has all but perfected. The results, which are spread across this site and her DeviantArt account, are profoundly moving and appealing, drawing the viewer in and surrounding him or her with an extraordinary energetic visual language.

cobu96 is currently joining us at the TLKFAA from Iceland, far from her native Ecuador. It's all the more inspiring to see her so driven to create and share with the world while she's got so much else to juggle in her life. Her fans will all agree, though, that no matter how much of cobu96's work we get to see, it's never enough. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and it looks as though we'll be able to look forward to a lot more where that all came from.


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