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It's always a treat to be able to feature an artist who's been here with the TLKFAA for many years. It's even more special to be able to recognize someone whose journey into art began here, long ago, before it took her to new horizons of creativity—and then brought her back again to revisit this site as her online "home", as AFrozenHeart has. A member of this site since 2006, she has been a part of our community for the whole time, but it's only recently that we've been able to enjoy her renewed interest in the art that made her a favorite with her fans here so long ago.
I wasn't around internet for just 3 days and THIS happens hahahah. Did world turn around or up side down when i was gone? XD

Oh gee guys, i really didnt expect that coming like... EVER! I am really flattered to be AotM in this month so i really want to thank everyone who voted for me, but also Brian who created such lovely site and is always nice and very helpful ♥ THANK YOU!

Some of my story of how i joined? Its a bit funny because at first, it was really random shot. I was searching for some refs of chars from game GGX and the ive found some of those chars totally lionized. I really liked that image so i checked gallery of this person (unluckily i dont't remember who's gallery it was but i give you huge credit for showing me this site XD). So this is why i joined, thus i really love TLK movie because it was one of first movies from Disney which i watched after looong cartoon space. Because of all that, i met really awesome people, really amazing friends and really epic artists:D All those people encouraged me to move further, they taught me so many things that normally it would blow my mind haha. Now i can only Thank for advices, help and critique that they gave me in those artistic matters and in real life *bows* thank you very much!

I am not good at encouraging words but i can only say what other people said: Be inspired and don't trace because tracing doesn't give you anything in return, just drama. About drawing tips? The best thing is to observe, observe your environment , every detail and if not, use refs for beginning ;D If you will be in need of help/tips/or critique, just tell, i don't bite! Same goes to me, i am open for critique so don't be afraid to tell Cx

here is end of my tl;tr comment so i hope this site and that really awesome ill be always visiting this place:D CHEERS! ~Froz
Working in a wide variety of media, both digital and physical, AFrozenHeart is pretty unmistakably one of the greats among Lion King fan-artists. She's been honing her skills in all kinds of subject matter, as can be seen on her DeviantArt site; but as a visit there will demonstrate, she's always maintained an affinity for the feline art that clearly has its roots in the Lion King artistic universe.

It's a good thing, too: her big-cat art is really, truly excellent. It could be that we're all biased, but AFrozenHeart is probably at her best when she's exploring her unique take on the Lion King world and its characters, as with her portrait of Mufasa at left: realistic, detailed, brimming with stylistic details all her own, and yet unmistakably recognizable as the lion familiar to us all, in construction and facial features as well as bearing and expression. It's a rare talent to be able to convey expressive and individual personality in a naturalistic kind of character design, but AFrozenHeart clearly has the secret well ingrained.

She's definitely not shy of the challenge of striking out in her own self-driven, unique directions, though. Her forays into fantasy characters and species (of which more can be found at her other site) show a strong urge to create and to imagine. Her original characters, which span a wide range of species and genres, are beautifully rendered in well-thought-out reference sheets that themselves allow AFrozenHeart to push the boundaries of her technique, both in artistic excellence and in conveying graphical information efficiently and effectively.

It's her Lion King art, though, that naturally is of the most interest to her fans here on the TLKFAA—and perhaps it's a testament to the universal draw of our community's subject matter that AFrozenHeart has gravitated back here recently, in the last several months, to concentrate again on the characters and the situations that she found so inspiring so long ago. Even her non-canon subject matter that's rooted in the Lion King universe, such as anthropomorphic big cats and imaginatively skewed interpretations of familiar species, is fascinating in its variety and the skill with which she brings it to life.

It's great to have you back, AFrozenHeart—and we hope you never leave, no matter how far your artistic career might take you!

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