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AmberJF, a student of art in the most literal sense, has been a part of the TLKFAA for over five years. In that time she's established herself as one of the most creative and ambitious members of the site, always looking for new ways to push herself to new artistic heights, and always inspired by the same movie and universe that keep the rest of us fascinated.
N-N-No w-w-way!!? AoTM? AoTM!!?? YAAAAAAY!! THANK YOU PEOPLEZ! <3333 Everyone join me in a happy dance!! *DANCES* <333. I LOVE The Lion King, if joining this site alone isn't enough to prove it. That movie alone was the core inspiration for the start of my art. I wanted to bring my characters, stories and pictures to life just as Disney had done. To make people cry, laugh, sing along and just entirley sink into the Universe they created. I dream of being able to do that myself. According to my Mom I would watch TLK 10 times a day for months! I started drawing myself as a disney lion all the time and I made lots of other characters for little stories. Before I knew it I stummbled upon Lucky's gallery and was fasinated that someone else drew themselves as an animal and made little stories for them. Searching through TLKFAA was like a Hobo finding a gold mine!! XD Sooo many artists like me! Soooo many ideas, characters, styles! Sooo many TLK lovers! I stared at the site daily before I could finally join. Despite hanging around Deviant Art a bit I have never had as deep a connection to ANY site as I do here. I shall never leave! (Though when my computer crashes I may not be around much, hehe ^-^;) I have been trying so hard ever since I've joined this site to improve my art skills, aspiring to be like some of the other great artists around here with amazing skills and creativity. Though I don't think I would have continued to work so hard at drawing if it wasn't for the support of my friends and other members at TLKFAA like Cournaando, Weazil, Tigger and many more <3.

You want advice how to improve your own skills? Here it is, or at least what I've done: 1) I'm sure "keep trying" and "don't give up" are tiring to hear but they are true. 2) check out tutorials! Help from other great artists can be very useful! Go to the search right here and type "lion tutorial" or "lineart tutorial". Going to Deviant Art and Youtube can also be great sources of good tutorials! 3) look at some screenshots or animal photos and trace once or twice. (NOTE: tracing is NOT your own true art! DON'T upload it! If you use a reference you should give a link in the picture's description. No matter how good art is people don't like it if it's traced.) Then copy the same picture without tracing a few times. Then draw that same picture by memory. Once you've learned how to draw it try your own original by drawing it in a different pose, testing how it would look. Sure it doesn't come out as good as the traced copy but by this time it's your original and you've learned how to draw it! Though I've found I still need sneak peeks at some screenshots or photos before I finally memorized how to draw something. 4) pay CLOSE attention to details! Bring your face and inch from your reference if you have to! Draw the lines you see, even if they don't look like they belong there. Try hard and soon you won't need to even look at references!!

If you ever have any questions, would like some advice, thoughts on a charrie design or want me to draw for you just come talk to me at my gallery page or e-mail me! I love helping anyone when I can, and however I can and often keep my eye on new artists to watch them improve. ^-^ Will I get a comment from you soon? Feel free to stop by and say hi, comment or spit on my art <3! All is welcome kind or mean, though I prefer nice (as everyone does) x3 but your not allowed to be mean to anyone on TLKFAA but me or I'll have to sit on you! >:3 see ya! <3
Not many artists make their TLKFAA debuts with Flash animations, or have even dabbled in that medium that's slowly but inexorably transforming the world of commercial animation; but AmberJF has an entire folder devoted to her study of the craft, beginning with some of her earliest sprite-based run cycles and proceeding two more recent studies that involve tweening, squash-and-stretch, and recorded audio.

In the process, AmberJF's art style has progressed dramatically as well. Her most recent pictures, especially, have a vibrancy to them and a sense of silly fun that's accentuated by the extraordinarily well developed anatomical mastery that she has earned. She has brought her careful study to bear on a wide variety of pieces that span both the canon and non-canon worlds, lending a powerful musculature to her own more "realistic" characters as well as the canon portraits that she has ensured remain a major part of what she does here at the site.

What's perhaps most intriguing about AmberJF, though, is the wide variety of media she has used to bring her art to life. She mixes real media and digital art all throughout her gallery, the latter covering art applications from MS Paint to Photoshop and well beyond as she experiments with different coloring techniques and inking and line-art approaches. Her physical media, too, shows a constant striving for novelty, where she never lets herself get too comfortable in one particular medium without changing it up or challenging herself. In the same way, she makes sure not to get stuck on certain well-understood character designs, creating characters of unusual species like fanged mouse deer and fossa, and even blending unexpected crossovers into her art like Smurfs.

She's got a wide artistic range, and as such spends a lot of time on DeviantArt as well as here; as with so many artists, we're fortunate that The Lion King continues to be such a vivid source of inspiration as to retain artists like AmberJF for so long, making this community the long-lived thing it is.


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