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For this month's spotlight, the members of the TLKFAA have selected one of the artists who has defied categorization in a great many ways during the years he's been a part of the site. With a male perspective on the state of Lion King fan-art that's not very frequently seen, and a history with this site that covers his entire life, his experience helps to put the entire history of the movie's fandom into a fresh light. Let's take a look at some of his nearly 700 pictures.
*high pitched girly squeeling and giggling in the background*

....Wait. You guys must be playing a trick on me. Are you serious?!? I am literally shaking, and I can't believe this is actually happening. I never imagined I would be on the list, and I'm so glad I'm the first of 2012! I guess this is my "New Years" present haha. Thank you so much though! I don't understand-- *ahem* I'll just hush and start off with my history.

I guess I can start off by saying that I practically grew up with the Lion King. Ever since I could remember I would be drawing fanart of all of the characters, mostly Simba and Nala of course. I would not take my hand off that paper. I remember even watching the movies and drawing out the scenes on those huge, chalkboard-sized papers haha. Sometimes I'll even doodle up a little Kovu or something on my homework by accident! I have so many stuffed animals and action figures of these movies, and I own all three of them. I'm going to take this day off as an opportunity to celebrate by watching all of them in a row and going back to being 8 while playing with those toys haha.

Even though I haven't uploaded for a while and have been more active on my dA, I am still drawing animals and other creatures. Although I'm young (almost 14 years old), I'm looking into the future and trying to find a great art college for me. I'm very enthusiastic about art, and I have been since I was born. I guess it runs in my blood as corny as that sounds.

I've browsed this site since I was about 6 or 7, but made an account around age 9 (and yes I was a horrible troll). I was fascinated by the art, and I looked up to every single artist. I usually still do, and I'm honored to have found some of my closest friends on this site. I even met one of them in real life! But anyway, the only things I had to draw with were a mouse, pencil and paper. At one point I even had a laptop track pad, and I can say that I have definitely grown since I got a tablet. I must say, I'm not as amazing as the rest of the AoTMs in the past though! Although I haven't uploaded any of the doodles I've made since 2009 - 2010, I am very happy to be part of this community and share my artwork with all of you wonderful people.

I guess I should stop babbling since my mind is numb at the moment and I can't stop shaking. This whole section probably sounds terrible haha, but anyway. Thank you so much to every one who has voted for me, especially my friends. And thank you Brian for making such a wonderful site. I'll try to be more active, but ta ta for now!

Regularly taking part in the community-art atmosphere of Sketcher, bunn has spent his entire career at the Archive developing a whimsical, spontaneous digital-art style that serves to put his dialogue into visual form as much as to capture the world of The Lion King. With a broad variety of original characters and settings to draw from, his drawings illustrate an off-the-cuff, open-ended kind of stream of consciousness that flows seamlessly in and out of the creative currents that drive him to explore and push the limits of his skills.

There's plenty of canon art in bunn's gallery, but that isn't the primary focus. Rather, as an artist who has branched out recently into other subject matter and set up shop on other art sites such as DeviantArt (which help to encourage a broader range of inspiration), he's not limiting himself to The Lion King as the sole reason for him to create. He's drawing because he enjoys it in and of itself, in whatever situation or atmosphere presents itself.

The result is art that covers an extraordinary range and is never predictable or typecast. Portaits of other artists' characters jostle for space with furries, lionizations, and fan-art of grassroots sources as offbeat as Robot Unicorn Attack and Homestuck. The bulk of his work, though, goes to collaborations and trades with his fellow artists, all of whom share the same kind of artistic vernacular, in which a digital drawing is its own reward and its own motivation, an expression of camaraderie and affection that builds with each new elaboration and variation.

bunn's skill has rapidly grown since he began uploading art here in 2009, and in the three years since then he has established a unique and flowing style that permeates several different kinds of distinctive visual art that his experimentation covers. Characters sketched on white backgrounds convey their purpose: a quick lesson learned, a spontaneous thought to express, an impression to capture in leonine form. Not many of bunn's pictures are fully developed to the level of polish that marks some artists' work, but their sheer energy and lighthearted, open-edged attitude is engaging on its own level. It's small wonder that so many of his friends have deemed his work worthy of recognition.

Whether his artistic development continues to take him far afield into other, more general-purpose art sites or to spur a renewal of his interest in Lion King art showcased here, the Archive will definitely be the better for having bunn as part of its community. Congratulations!

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