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Since the day she joined the TLKFAA and began posting her early colored-pencil renderings of lion characters, it was clear that Kami was bound to bring great things to the Lion King fan-art community. Now, almost three years and over 250 pictures later, her art has achieved a whole new level of polish and ambition, and her gallery has won her a well-earned following of fans who have voted her this month's Featured Artist.
I think I dreamed about this moment so many times already, wondering what I would say to you all, if I ever had the chance... And now, this is such an honour! And may I thanks you sooooooooo much for this! It totally made my day!

Where to start... maybe by the begining I guess! I was born in 1994, right when the The Lion King movie came to our lives. I was raised in a family that loved Disney and it's classics. Though I adore each and every single of their movies, The Lion King quickly became my most favorite. I litterally had a fascination for it. I had posters, plushies, dishes, movies, figurines, and so much more... And I still do have some of them.

Also, I've always been an artist in soul. I grew up drawing and painting like all kids, yet I never spent a day without doing it. I love to play music, paint and draw all the time! Now that I'm older, I even entered Cegep(some kind of a college) in an Art program.

Now, let's talk about this site! First, let me thank you with all my heart Brian, for making and taking care of this site. It is now a part of my life, and I have so many memories attached to it. I remember finding it while searching for google images of The Lion King! I think it was... almost 5 years ago. Still, I didn't have the courage to join this archieve until... I think 4 years ago. I didn't have a tablet or anything to draw digital, back in time, but I loved to draw traditionnal and scan my stuff for this archieve. I also couldn't wait to get back home and check my messages.

Another great thing I discovered here, the Sketcher! I loved and still love to spend time on it, I made myself so many great friends on this... that I do consider as important as my real life friends. Thanks so much for letting us use this awesome art program. I am extremely attached to this archieve, it's the site that convinced me to start digital art, and to post my work on the internet at first. Even if I ain't as active as before, I will never leave this place. I even plan on being back around as much as I used to, as soon as I can.

I would have so much more to say, but let me thank you all instead, from the bottom of my heart. If it weren't for you guys, all my fans and friends out there, maybe I would have never felt so great. I owe you so much, and I love each one of you.

Finally, Thanks, Brian.

Lots of Love, xXxXxXx


Kami has helpfully organized her gallery into chronological folders, which allows fans (both long-time and brand-new ones) to dig into her artistic history and see where her origins lie. Her earliest submissions to the Archive were either graphite sketches or drawings painstakingly rendered using colored pencils, but even at the very outset it was obvious that the talent she was exercising would soon turn into something great, whatever medium she chose to use. But even during the first year, with only these tools at hand, she progressed steadily and rapidly until by the end of the year she was producing gorgeously shaded, three-dimensional character portraits that rivalled the best digital art on the Archive.

A tablet, received for Christmas 2009, marked the transition from colored pencils to Sketcher and Photoshop as Kami's media of choice. Almost immediately she embarked on a whole new journey of artistic discovery. Digital coloring opened the door to a world of bright, vivid colors and evocative backdrops, and her art transitioned from character portraits to online collaborations with her friends and fully rendered scenes with backgrounds and realized settings. During this second year, Kami continuously developed her innate talent for capturing leonine anatomy and balanced body structure, and her characters took on an ever more realistic, inviting texture, taking full advantage of all the flexibility offered by Photoshop shading and coloring.

By the time 2011 rolled around, Kami had honed her skills to the point where her digital art was effortlessly able to convey any emotion, execute any posture, and exhibit the polish and richness of detail characteristic of all the best and most highly regarded artists on the TLKFAA. Today she has developed a signature facial style that's expressive and versatile, especially when paired with beautiful digital effects such as rain and sunset light. Character portraits still comprise a great deal of her work; but thanks in part to her DeviantArt site and the non-Lion King art she's created there, she has been able to bring other influences and inspirations to her work here at the Archive, spanning a variety of subject matter (including canon material) and artistic styles. Indeed, her sketches—now rendered digitally rather than with a pencil—are better than they've ever been, and retain all the vibrant energy that is often so key to a successful line drawing, more so even than a fully rendered digital scene.

Today, Kami's signature graces a wide variety of works, but they all show a common sort of endearing stylization, not in the execution, but in the construction: long, almost gangly legs, intricately rendered hair, and facial features that effortlessly capture personalities and traits of non-lion characters in lion form. Her work centers as it has for a long time on portraits; but the degree to which it's improved and extended its reach since her first uploads here shows us all that she's on a rapid trajectory upward, always with her eyes on the next goal, and always just as sure she'll reach it.


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